LA Girl Experiences Snow for First Time

If you were living under a rock and was not aware that it snowed a crazy amount last week causing classes to be canceled, I’m here to let you know that it was completely magical.  

As someone that lives in a constant 80 degree weather, where we consider winter to be a brisk 70 to 60 degrees, this white stuff falling from the sky was a foreign concept to me.  I have seen snow before when I visited places for vacation but I have never seen snow fall and it was the most magical thing I have ever seen.  Here are some things that I learned while experiencing snow. 

1.  It is the most beautiful thing in the entire world!  ​


2. It is extremely cold.  

While gorgeous, a girl with southern California sunshine flowing through her veins, it is definitely something to get used to.  PSA: playing in snow leads you to be soaking wet and freezing and leads you to run back to your dorm in need of warmth.  



3.  Everything closes.  

When my friends warned me that while snow is beautiful it leads to things being shut down I did not believe them.  But oh man I feel like it was The Hunger Games in the Pit sometimes fighting for food.  Though having classes cancelled was amazing and if it could snow more often so this can happen again that would be ideal.  




4.  Forget the hype about rain, snow is where it is at.  

Ok so why on earth would anyone kiss in the rain when they could kiss in the snow… I’m just saying.  Rain might sound aesthetically pleasing, but snow is beautiful as it falls and lasts after it falls.  I always thought I loved rain the most but now experiencing snow falling I don’t know how anyone could think that snow is less than perfect.



5.  Ice is a real thing and you will slip and fall.  

Don’t do this. I was unaware that wearing snow boots does not prevent you from slipping and falling on your face...not that I speak from personal experience.  



Overall I am now obsessed with snow and if you saw a girl who was clearly not from cold weather wandering through the snow in extreme excitement, it was me.


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