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Kevin Piotrowicz (’15)

Charming, funny, and puts family first? Sounds like Kevin Piotrwicz (’15) is a winner in this week’s Campus Cutie!

Full Name: Kevin Michael Piotrowicz
Year: Sophomore
Major: Finance
Hometown: Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

HC (Her Campus): What do you like best about Wake Forest?
KP (Kevin Piotrowicz): It’s a small campus, but it’s still big on sports.

HC: What activities/organizations are you involved in?
KP: I am a member of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, I’m the Philanthropy Chair, and I’m also a varsity basketball manager.

HC: Do you play any sports?
KP: In high school I played baseball, basketball, and soccer. I’m doing football right now for intramurals, but I’ll do pretty much anything to stay active.

HC: Wow. So what do you do in your spare time?
KP: I like to play sports, obviously, but I keep busy with the fraternity and basketball managing, so I don’t have too much free time. Honestly, though, I like to relax and chill whenever I do have free time.

HC: Favorite spot on campus?
KP: Probably our lounge, just because it’s so much fun to hang out with the guys. Not to mention Friday and Saturday nights are always fun.

HC: (Laughs) Yeah, it gets pretty hot in there though!
KP: Yeah, we’re trying to work on that and get some fans.

HC: Three words to describe yourself?
KP: Hardworking, fun, and easygoing.

HC: What do you find most attractive in a girl?
KP: I’d say probably someone who can hold a conversation, is fun, and energetic. Obviously looks too; but I’d say, first, personality and the ability to hold a conversation is important.

HC: Do you have any celebrity crushes?
KP: Carrie Underwood.

HC: Biggest turn-off?
KP: Probably a girl who thinks she’s too cool. I like those girls who are kind of like guys; they just hang out and chill, and they’re not too full of themselves.

HC: Do you have any pickup lines?
KP: I don’t think I’ve actually used any pickup lines besides “hey” or “can I get you a drink.” (Laughs) “Hey” is my go-to though.

HC: (Laughs) Okay, what’s one super power you wish you could have?
KP: Probably super speed.

HC: What kind of music are you into?
KP: I like everything, but mainly country music, which everyone makes fun of me for. But being from Pennsylvania, I’m a huge country music fan.

HC: Best vacation you’ve ever been on?
KP: It’s between going white water rafting in the Grand Canyons with my family and two summers ago we went to Alaska on a private yacht, which was awesome.

HC: What’s your dream job?
KP: I haven’t decided yet, right now I know I just want to do something with business. I’m kind of more focused on having fun right now.

HC: Yeah exactly, it’s sophomore year!
KP: Yeah, live it up while I can (laughs). It’s actually kind of scaring me a little, I have to settle down and figure it all out soon.

HC: Are you applying for the business school?
KP: Yes I am.

HC: Good luck! What’s one thing you want to do before you graduate?
KP: Well, being the basketball manager, I want to beat Duke or Carolina in basketball before we graduate.

HC: Okay that’s a good aspiration. I don’t know if it’ll happen, but we’ll see. What’s your life motto?
KP: For my family and me, it’s always been count your blessings, which is something that my dad’s always told us ever since we were little. People get weighed down by the burdens of life and they don’t realize the good things.

HC: I like that. So do you have a favorite kids’ movie?
KP: Probably Shrek.

HC: (Laughs) Shrek?
KP: (Laughs) Yeah, I feel like I’m very relatable to Shrek, he’s a very good-looking guy. Yeah, I don’t know, I just think he’s hilarious. And I love Eddie Murphy. I can’t watch it without cracking up.

HC: (Laughs) One interesting fact about yourself?
KP: (Thinking) How about that I’ve never had a pet in my life?

HC: You’ve never had a pet?
KP: Never.

HC: Have you wanted one?
KP: Yeah. but my dad, sister, and brother are all allergic to cats and dogs. My brother just got married and he and his wife just got a dog. So I’m over there all the time and the dog’s so cute. I feel deprived as a child now.

HC: So are you the youngest?
KP: Youngest of five. My two brothers are both married so I also have two sister in-laws. We’re growing quickly.

HC: How many boys and girls?
KP: Three boys and two girls, so I’ve got a lot to live up to.

HC: When you graduate do you know where you want to be?
KP: No not really, I’d like to move back closer to home and have a job. I don’t really have any plans yet.

HC: Is there anything else you want to mention?
KP: There’s just one thing: my main priority in life is family. I’m one of five and family comes first, over anything.

*Photos courtesy of Marna Hafez 

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