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Kardashians in the White House!?

I know we were all way too excited for Season 15 of “KUWTK” to come on this summer. In all honesty, there was some serious sh*t that went down last season! Whether you kept with it and are up to date or just watched up until Kim called Kourtney the “least interesting sister to look at”, you know there is some major tea. Even if all you know about the Kardashians is that Kylie literally named her baby after a porn star, you are going to like this.

We’ve all been anxiously waiting for the day when a Kardashian infiltrates the White House (or maybe its just me….?). Anyway, of course it’s Kim who does it first because she is the OG-QB. Little Kimmy is suddenly very interested in the criminal justice system so she took it upon herself to hit up Trump and say “Let’s fix this prison system together, shall we?” Tbh, I think she is triggered.

So far, Kim has gotten Trump to grant clemency to Alice Marie Johnson, a woman who spent years and years in prison for a first-time non-violent drug offense. Good going Kim! Up next is Chris Young. Young is serving a life sentence for a nonviolent drug offense as well. This time, Young was convicted after just three strikes because of federal minimum sentencing requirements. Kim has spoken on the phone with Young about his case and has been working on it ever since. And now … the headlines have hit, Kim K is a public hero. The main Kardashian has appeared on the podcast “Wrongful Conviction” and has been interviewed about her various pursuits in criminal justice. 


Honestly, I thought it would be Kanye in the White House first, but you go girl. Next thing we know Kim will be on the executive board or better yet Kardashian for President 2020. (Well, maybe that’s a little ambitious.) She needs her own security detail ASAP. All I can say is that I hope Kim continues on this path, because so far she is doing great. I just want to tell her that “Kim, when you grow up maybe you can be a lawyer sweetie!”  Never mind, I bet Kris is already on that…


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