The Jonas Brothers Mighty Return

THE TIME HAS COME.  Listen up ladies and gents unless you were literally in a coma last week you would know that the unthinkable happened… THE JONAS BROTHERS ARE BACK.  Now most were completely shocked when that first post came out. However, if you are always on the internet with no life like I am, around a week previous to their announcement the buzz of a reunion was in the air.  I read multiple articles claiming that the Jonas Brothers were soon to return and that they had met in London to discuss their new music. I of course upon reading these took to the streets screaming that the Jonas Brothers were soon to return… I was met with disbelief.  Now here we are a new song and music video already released and I couldn’t be happier.


I witnessed world peace on the internet as everyone exclaimed their excitement over this amazing return.  So now that I have rewatched the Sucker music video approximately 200 times it is time to delve into why we love the Jonas Brothers so much and take a trip down memory lane.  


  1. Year 3000


This music video and son are honestly one of the strangest I’ve ever heard, I’m not sure who came up with the idea of this song but I mean… iconic.  If they don’t sing this song while on tour they are just wrong and that is all I have to say.


2.  S.O.S


This song has been stuck in my head because I’ve been listening to nothing but throwback Jonas Brothers in order to mentally prepare myself for the glorious that they are going to bless us with in the months to come.  But this song is so 2000s and they are singing on a boat and just iconic as well. Basically this just shows that you need to go rewatch all of the Jonas Brothers music videos again because they are so fantastic.


3.  Jonas


This show, I don’t know where I’m going to find it to rewatch but catch me doing that over the next few weeks.  The Jonas Brothers where such an era to the Disney Channel realm. Oh man that episode of Hannah Montana when she walks into the recording studio and the Jonas Brothers are there and she freaks out.  Throwback to Nick and Miley… young love. You should also go listen to the song “Before the Storm” because it features both the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus and it always left me shook when I listened to it.  


4.  Camp Rock


In an interview the band just did after their release of Sucker, they asked if they would ever do a Camp Rock reboot, unfortunately they said that that was probably not in the cards but that they were open to an SNL skit about it or even bringing Demi Lovato up on stage for one of their tour dates (Please let this happen, please!) But can we pause for a second and remember Joe’s hair in this movie… honestly atrocious yet us 10 year olds thought it was absolutely beautiful.


5.  And of course the best song to exist on the entire planet… Burnin’ Up.  


This song is probably my favorite Jonas Brothers song and the idea that they could start singing it again, I mean they already did at their New York City mini concert they did the night of their released single.  This song is my middle school years. Nothing beats this music video where Selena Gomez is in it… again Nick and Selena, Joe and Demi… young Disney Channel love RIP. But nothing will beat Nick Jonas yelling “Red Dress” in this song, absolutely nothing.  Go listen to this song on repeat make sure you understand the impact of what has happened to our world.


Overall, The Jonas Brothers return 6 years after their breakup has taught me two things.  Number 1, that boybands can bring world peace and save the world, just like I always thought they could.  Number 2, if the Jonas Brothers can come back, so can One Direction.