Incredibles 2: A Must-See Flick

After what feels like a lifetime of waiting, Incredibles 2 came out, warming the hearts of millions. Looking back on my adolescent years, I can vividly remember watching The Incredibles for the first time, at four years old, and being absolutely obsessed. So naturally, when I learned about its upcoming sequel, I was off the walls. Not only did Pixar produce a movie that had a fantastic narrative and brought back all of our favorite characters, but they send extremely important messages to the audience.  

Although many fans seeing this film, including myself, are not children, it is still a children’s movie, which is important to think about when looking at the underlying sentiments. Movies are a huge influence on children, as their perceptions and beliefs of the world are shaped hugely by what they see.


Message 1: Women are just as capable and strong as men

Pixar does a fantastic job showing the strength of women. First, Incredibles 2 places Elastigirl in the very center of the plot; rather than being the co-superhero to Mr. Incredible, she is the one out saving the world. Second, we see Violet becoming more powerful and owning her strength, unlike the first movie, in which she was extremely shy and insecure. Finally, more powerful women are introduced; in particular, Catherine Keener plays Evelyn Deaver, the woman in charge of the movement to ban superheroes. All of these women serve as an inspiration and mentor to girls; they will grow up watching this movie that presents powerful, intelligent and strong women who transcend the boundaries of society for the good of humanity.


Message 2: Men can stay home and take care of the children

In a change of events, instead of Mr. Incredible being the big shot superhero he was in the first movie, Elastigirl is the one who is out and about, calling the shots (doing so with a roaring motorbike and shimmering outfit). Mr. Incredible stays home and assumes the position of a full-time parent. Instead of showing off his physical strength and power, Mr. Incredible’s weaknesses are actually brought to the surface. He presumes it will be easy; after all, he is Mr. Incredible. However, he shortly is made aware of his ignorance. Pixar illustrates the challenges that arrive when traditional gender roles are swapped. He must learn how to be there for his children; he embraces his family and tries to be a better father. Again, this is an important message for kids who will grow up watching this movie, as this is a statement to little boys and girls that there is not only one way to divide tasks between husband and wife.


Message 3: Change is possible

An important part of this movie's plot surrounds the event in which superheroes have been banned from society. The movie declares that it is on us (humans) to be the heroes who can distinguish when we are being subjected to unjust laws and rules of society; if we can form a united, positive and strong front, we can eventually create change. By the end of Incredibles 2, the clear message is that it is too easy to become passive and let life pass us by. Additionally, it is apparent that superheroes have been treated unfairly, resulting in a huge, strong team of superheroes being allowed to come out of hiding and share their gifts with society.


Message 4: Technological advancements should not be trivialized

Another major theme is the idea of technology being a dangerous force against humanity. The screensaver is a normal human who uses technology to collect a fortune and plans to get rid of superheroes. Ultimately, the film proposes that natural powers are superior; they are morally better than technological developments. The abuse of technology is brought to the attention of the audience, warning us that technology is easily exploitive.