How To Use Quarantine to Foster Human Connection

The other morning (okay, afternoon...) I was still in bed at 1 o’clock, when my mom comes in to tell me that I’m, “wasting my day away.” I laugh and say, “wasting my day away? There is absolutely nothing to do.” 

You see, this is my routine now: I roll out of bed around 1pm, go downstairs to have some cereal, then walk right back up the stairs to the same exact spot where I was sleeping. I stay there until dinner mostly, except for the occasional stroll back downstairs to find a snack. These trips downstairs are my “adventures” for the day. I am slowly becoming a professional Netflix watcher and I am sure many can relate. Do Girl Scouts give a badge for that?

While I can admit that I am falling victim to the draining routine of quarantine, I would definitely like to become more productive. I want to start by trying to wake up at a more reasonable hour (noon?) and go outside as the weather starts to warm up. I have always wanted to be able to run longer distances - maybe now is my time. 

Most importantly though, it seems we are living in a time that feels like there is limited human connection; however, this might not be the reality. There are surprisingly ample opportunities to foster both new and old relationships. Everyone is at home, and most people are craving new interactions. Call up an old friend from high school! If you are a freshman like me, you can understand how difficult it can be to maintain every old friendship from high school. Call someone you have lost touch with recently and learn about their freshman year in college. Catching on your past year can distract you from the depressing quarantine talk and reignite friendships, allowing you to remember some of the great connections you’ve made. 

My mom and I hosted a “Zoom Happy Hour” with my family from all over the country. We talked to family members that we have not had a chance to connect with in months. I chatted with my friend last night for two hours who I had not spoken to since winter break. College can be busy, and we all fall out of touch with one another from time to time. For the first time in years (and hopefully the last for a long time), we have more free time than we can handle. Push yourself to use this time to foster human connection outside of the home. Who knows - maybe it will be more rewarding than finishing that third season of New Girl in one week... just maybe.