How to Survive the Mid-Semester Slump

By Thrandia Dong 

Yes, that is sure. Week after full break is like a disaster. Every professor assigns their tests and paper or project like you only take one class this semester and plan to do nothing in the fall break but studying. However, life some times is hard, and you have to accept that anyway.

So how to survive become the biggest problem.

First, act like John, go to sleep. I know it is kind of Nothing is easier than fault-finding, but please, at least try to get as much sleep as you can. Don’t try to wake for a full night and take the test in the morning. Try to sleep on your bed even if it is already 4’o clock. Our mind needs to take rest just as your computer needs to sleep, or they will refuse to work or work with making many mistakes. Also, when you are super sleepy but still have lots of things left, take a nap. A 30 minutes nap will make you think clearly and enhance your efficiency.

Second, eat what you like. When you can’t satisfy with your sleep, don’t sacrifice your mouth as well. Try to ignore those calories and sugar and fat. A week of lack of weight control can’t change much of your weight, but good food, food that you like, can really makes you feel happier under painful work load.

Talk with your friends. You are never alone. When you think what you are facing is so unfair and you think you can’t make it, try to talk with your friends, or someone that you trust. You will find out that everyone is facing their difficulties in their lives, and you are not the only one.

Also, give yourself some fun. Studying is hard and college life is stressful, but don’t forget to give yourself some amusement times. 30 minutes on YouTube with your favorite YouTuber can make life much easier and more interesting to live.

Hope we all can go through these hard times!!