How to Stay Motivated Until Spring Break

Spring Break is quickly approaching, with only nine days left until it starts, I find my motivation has reached a new low.  So, I thought I would give some helpful tips to help prevent completely ignoring all the things that we have to get done before that glorious break.  

1. Stay Focused

Be aware that since Spring Break is almost here, that also means it is almost halfway through the semester and that means no matter how much we want to never look at homework again, we kind of have to.  

2.  Don’t over exert yourself. 

Yes, get your work done but try not to stress too much, you don’t want to be burned out when we still have more to go after break.  

3.  Try to plan ahead.  

If your professor is being rude and assigning an essay for over the break get a start on it now.  Trust me your Spring Break Self will thank you.  

4. Think about those Spring Break plans!

Nothing is more motivating than thinking about not having to do work.  

Just remember that break is almost here!! You can make it! When in doubt drink lots of coffee and dream of the sunshine.  

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