How to Have Fun on Spring Break…at Home

After a couple weeks of stress and extremely hard work, Spring Break is finally HERE! You ask people about their break plans: “Florida”, “the mountains”, “Charleston”, the list goes on. Since the beginning of the semester, you wanted to plan a fun vacation with your friends, but for some reason or the other, never got around to it. Now, home is the only place you’re headed. No worries, you can still have a fun, even if you aren’t spending lots of money at a beach resort! Here's how you can have the best Spring Break at home this year. 


  • Go on a day trip. Okay, so you can’t spend a week somewhere— but why not spend a day? In the mountains, you can take a hike, go kayaking, and even set up a picnic. No one can go wrong with a day at the amusement park. Whether you’re an adrenalin junkie or a water lover, this is another great way to have fun on a spring day. If you want something more alive and modern, perhaps you should take a trip to the closest big city. Walk around, check out a museum or day festival, and end the excursion with a movie and nice dinner somewhere.


  • Catch up on your television and reading. Let’s face it: during midterm week you spent all of your time in the library and basically forgot how to relax. There’s nothing better than spending a day (or two) on the couch once you’re home. Take time to start a new series on Netflix or browse your bookshelf. Basically, Spring Break at home is the prefect time to enjoy a few days as a couch potato.


  • Spend your time outdoors. If you live anywhere where the weather is favorable in March, then enjoy your time outside. Take your dogs on a walk, play a pickup game, or lay out (if it’s really warm out). After spending most of your time inside on campus, it’s typical for you to want to enjoy a day outside. And hopefully get a little color before moving back in!

  • Visit friends from nearby colleges. Spring Breaks all fall at different times in March, depending on what college you attend. If you have friends who still have a week or two before their break or who have already had theirs, take a road trip to their college and spend the weekend there. Not only do you get to see your friends after so long, you also get to experience a totally different college scene.

  • Go on a shopping spree. Maybe you were originally going elsewhere for break, but your plans sadly changed. So what else could you do with the money you were intentionally going to spend on vacation? That’s easy—clothing! Since the weather is getting warmer, you’re bound to update your wardrobe anyway. Consider taking a day and invest in some spring essentials. Even treat yourself to a new pair of shoes or sunglasses.