How to Enjoy the Warm Weather on Campus

The warm weather is close upon us… I hope.  Every time the weather seems like it has fully turned to warm it shoots me down with another brisk morning walk to class.  So hopefully the warmth is actually coming to stay this time. So if you’re in need of things to do during this month ish time that we have left of school here are some ideas.

Sit out on the quad 



I mean things are basic for a reason.  Grab a blanket and some friends and enjoy the warmth and view of Wait Chapel maybe you’ll even get to hang out with a dog or two.  

Have a movie night with your friends


Order pizza, pig out and watch movies all night to take a break from the intense studying that is coming our way.  

Go swinging on Davis field



Nothing screams happiness and summer than swinging.  

Sit outside and sob over Avengers Endgame and Game of Thrones



Personally this is what I will be doing the majority of April so feel free to join in my misery outdoors.  

Spend as much time as you can outside


Studying? Go outside.  Reading a book? Outside. Need starbucks? Drink it outside.