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How to Eat Gluten Free on Campus

Speaking as somebody with Celiac Disease, I had a hard time navigating my way through dining at Wake Forest. After one semester, I have found the in-and-outs about Gluten Free eating, which I have outlined for you below.

Forest Greens: Forest Greens is always a safe place to get some gluten free grub. Their salads are 100% gluten free as long as you avoid the grain mix and some of the garnishes. Otherwise the toppings are not contaminated with gluten and are safe. Unfortunately, they don’t have gluten free bread for sandwiches yet.

Moe’s: If you are looking for GF at Moe’s my go to is the burrito bowl or nachos. The tortillas are all made of flour so no luck on burritos or quesadillas. Lucky for us their queso is GF. So, go ahead and load up on that queso!

Chick-fil-a: My personal favorite. The only GF option at this chick-fil-a is grilled nuggets. But no fear- they are delicious. About the waffle fries, they are fried in a fryer that is contaminated with gluten so it’s up to you whether to risk it or not. Lastly, all their sauces are GF Woohoo!

Village Juice: Village Juice has countless GF options and it says so on the menu too! Pro tip: they offer gluten free bread for avocado toast.

Hisso Sushi: This might not be the best place for GF eaters. Sushi is really the only option especially because everything is made with soy sauce. To be safe, read the labels on the sushi and bring gf soy sauce and you are golden.

The Pit: If you don’t already know, the pit has an online menu with all their offerings for the day. Plus, it includes allergen information and all the ingredients the dish is made with. In addition to the menu, the yellow symbol next to the offerings on the TV mean it is made without gluten. My go to place at the pit it True Balance because everything there is made without gluten and is safe to eat!


Subway: Late night subway is just not a thing unfortunately. Go for a drink and bag of chips if you really must.


There really is plenty to eat whether you go to the Pit/Benson/North Campus. We’ll have to miss out on an occasional chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a, or a late night subway run, but after all, I can’t complain.




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