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Hot Humidity-Proof Hairdos for Spring!

Hello ladies!

Winter is coming to a close, and spring is just around the corner, so you know what that means … rain (and lots of it)! I don’t know about you, but all that moisture and humidity definitely makes my hair look like a dandelion (aka wild mane).

So if you have the same problem as me, check out some of these easy-to-do hairstyles that can keep you looking chic no matter what the weather!

The Blake Lively Braids

This hairstyle requires very little work. All you need to do is step out of the shower, make a messy part, and then braid as many or as few small braids as you would like. I would advise you to go easy on the braids, but honestly it’s up to you! Just make sure you either use thin, clear elastic bands at the end of each braid or pin them together in the back with bobby pins so they stay in all day.

The Fishtail

Honestly, this braid used to scare me. I never thought I would be able to do it, but once I learned how I realized it was one of the quickest and cutest looks! First, pull your hair to the side and separate into two ponytails. Then, take a strand from the outside of the left ponytail and bring it to the inside of the right. Repeat with the other side, weaving your hair from left to right.

There are plenty of video tutorials online if you have trouble figuring it out. Just remember, with this style, you can get messy. Having loose and wavy hair adds to the relaxed, spring look.

The 10-Second Rolled Bun

This is my go-to morning look, regardless if there is rain or not. I especially find it helpful when I’m not in the mood to straighten or blow-dry my hair. So for rainy days, it’s great to hide laziness or frizz and still look great! All it takes is rolling your hair to the back and twisting your bun.

Soft Mischa Barton Waves

When your hair is damp and gross you wouldn’t think to curl it, right? Wrong! After your hair gets naturally damp, it brings out the best curls! So, after it dries, try putting in a little mousse or even breaking out your curling iron to make a few quick adjustments. You will be shocked to see how beachy and beautiful your look turns out!

Buns and Bows

I often get annoyed when my hair is frizzy, and I struggle to find a way to distract myself from it. Recently, however, I found a solution! I have been putting my hair into ponytails or braids and putting in a cute accessory to counter the crazy. I’m not saying you should just put a bow on your bed-head, but if you pull your hair back nicely, a cute accessory can polish up your look and add a creative twist to quick hairstyles.

I hope some of these ideas helped and you all will feel fabulous on even the rainiest days! Just next time, maybe forget the umbrella and embrace the natural, rainy look! Who knows, you could stumble upon your new favorite (and quickest) hairstyle yet!

*Last photo by Iris Wigodsky

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