High-End Beauty Product Wishlist

If I was not living on a college student’s budget and had the freedom to choose any beauty product out there, I would give these three high-end beauty products a try:

1. Baby Quasa

I am constantly hearing, and reading, about the benefits of blue light for acne. While there are professional grade treatments that can be done in the dermatologist’s office, this “Baby Quasar” acne light is a portable blue light perfect for when a stubborn pimple pops up.

Photo courtesy of: HSN.com, $549.00


2. Temptu Airbrush Kit

Have you ever looked at a photo of a celebrity and wondered how on earth their skin is so flawless? The Temptu is a wireless airbrush makeup applicator that will give you that glowing red carpet look.

Photo courtesy of: Temptu.com, $195.00


3. T3 Hair Dryer

This T3 hair dryer is akin to the one found in your hair salon. While it may not make your hair as silky smooth as when your hairdresser does it, the T3 hairdryer will help you get remarkably close.

Photo courtesy of: Sephora.com, $250.00