Here's a Slam Dunk with Basketball Player Chaundee Brown ('21)

Name: Chaundee Brown

Year: Freshman

Major: Undecided

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Favorite Food: Linguine or Fettuccini Alfredo made by his mother

Relationship Status: Single, but interested in someone


HC (Her Campus): Chaundee, you’re a starting freshman basketball player; tell me about yourself.

CB (Chaundee Brown): Obviously, my name is Chaundee Brown. I’m 19 years old from Orlando, Florida. I am very family oriented person, and I love spending time with them…We usually go bowling, watch TV together, and/or go to Fun Spot, as small scale …I am generally a good guy to everyone on campus. I love to laugh and have fun.

HC: You’re the only starting freshman, what keeps you grounded?

CB: The fear of failing and not playing to my full potential that god gave me keeps me humble.

HC: How did you become a good basketball player?

CB: I worked on craft every day. I started at the age of three. I knew I could be good around 8thhor 9th grade. I got with the right people to train with me. I can’t forget the many people who believed in me. From this, I ended up with a lot of D1 offers.

HC: There was a recent article where you made comments regarding some struggles you felt like you were having, with that what keeps you motivated?

CB: My parents keep me motivated. I just want to make them proud. They’ve been with me since I was a little kid. They always wanted me to succeed and be the best in everything that I did.

HC: Why did you pick Wake Forest?

CB: Because you came here… but seriously, because it was the best decision out of all my schools. Wake Forest has a lot to offer both academically and athletically. I knew the coaches wanted to develop me into a better man both on and off the court. I really enjoyed my visit; when I visited, it felt like home. 

HC: What has been the biggest adjustment for you arriving to college?

CB: Handling freedom. Living on you own is an adjustment. There isn’t anyone to tell you when to go to sleep. I also miss my mother’s food, especially her Linguini. The weather was also an adjustment. It’s always sunny in Florida. This past December was the first time I’d ever seen snow.

HC: How does the quote “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” make you feel?

CB: It makes me feel great. It gives me hope that no matter how a person is you can beat them by working really hard getting better every day.

HC: Random question, do you have a childhood scar that you remember the story behind.

CB: Yes. It’s on my eye (points to right eyelid) I was jumping on the couch and fell and hit my head on a table or desk. My mom asked, “are you going to the hospital?”  I said “No”. She said “Yes, you are”.  I begged her not to take me, but eventually I got stiches.

HC: What was your funniest basketball moment?

CB: I’ve had so many. Whenever you air ball free throws or air balling a few times. I’ve also missed my fair share of dunks. I’ve also been hung before. (When you dunk and the rim rejects the ball).

HC: So, it’s game time. What are your pre-game rituals? Any specific playlists?

CB: I listen to everything. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m listening to. Of course, I listen to Kodak Black.  I also listen to Soulja Boy… just kidding. I listen to Moneyba Yo, Migos, and Ludfoe.

HC: Anything else we should know?

CB: I can’t go a day without praying. 

As the season comes to a close, we wish Chaundee the best of luck with the rest of his basketball career!