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HCLove: Our 5 Favorite Parts of Coming Back to School

Happy Monday, collegiettes! It’s the first official week back at good ole’ Wake Forest, and we over at HerCampus could not be more thrilled to launch all of our sections with some seriously fantastic content. All of the back-to-school excitement got us to thinking: short of our obvious favorite (HC, of course!), what are the very best parts of coming back to school? Read below for our top picks, and welcome back, collegiettes!

1. Back to School Shopping

What’s the first day of class without a first-day-of-class-worthy outfit? And with tons of inspiration (um, hello, the September issue of Vogue, anyone?), it’s not hard to pick a couple of splurge items to spruce up your summer wardrobe. At Wake, especially, you can expect many of the stylish ladies in your classes to bring their A-game the first few days of school. Enjoy the people-watching, collegiettes!

2. The First Football Game

Sunglasses, sundresses, sunshine…what’s not to like about tailgating the first football game of the semester? Walking around and socializing, solo cup firmly in hand, of course, has got to be one of our favorite activities every year, and last Saturday was certainly no exception. Whether you are a die-hard fan, or wind up ditching the tailgate for Putters right before kick-off, the first football game of the fall is an absolute blast. Keg beer and croakies? Yes, please.

3. Orientation Week/Fall Rush

We’d be kidding ourselves if we didn’t admit that one of the best things about back-to-school is attending some of our favorite, er, “extra-curricular” activities. And by that, of course, we mean parties. Whether you can’t get enough of frat parties, or downtown bars are more your scene, you can bet that the usual hot-spots around campus are going to be extra-fun during orientation week. And, as an added bonus, just when you’re about to mourn the loss of back-to-back social events in exchange for nights in the ZSR, fall rush begins! When there is something to do almost every night, it’s hard to feel too depressed that, yes, your first test is right around the corner…

4. Scoping Out Our New Classes

…And by scoping out our new classes, we mean scoping out the boys that are in them. C’mon, collegiettes…who doesn’t secretly keep their fingers crossed that some cute guy who (gasp!) has also been dying to take a class on Abnormal Psych will happen to take the seat next to you in lecture? Besides, what’s better than having some available eye candy on the days when you just can’t bring yourself to focus on a PowerPoint for a whole hour? We rest our case.

5. First Week Facebook Albums

The only thing better than back-to-school activities? Reminiscing about them via-Facebook. Clicking through first week albums of your friends (okay, and your acquaintances) the morning after a wild night out is one of our very favorite parts of returning to the Forest, simply because it’s a nice break from virtually-stalking summer albums. Hey, if it wasn’t muploaded, did it even happen at all?

And that’s our list, collegiettes! Our five favorite parts about coming back to school. Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that our number one pick for the best part of kick-off week is getting back together with our lovely friends at HC! Keep your eye out for super-fun back-to-school content this week, and welcome back, collegiettes!

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Ellie Baldini is a senior at Wake Forest University majoring in Communication and minoring in Journalism. A born-and-bred Jersey girl with three younger sisters, Ellie is considers herself a girl's girl, through and through.Currently, Ellie is the Editorial Campus Correspondent of HerCampus, Wake Forest, and the PR intern at the Wake Forest University School of Law. She is also a staff writer for the Life section of the WFU student newspaper, the Old Gold & Black. She has interned previously with a local event planner, and also has work experience at a commercial real estate firm.Ellie's primary passion is writing, closely followed by reading. While she prefers contemporary fiction writers, like Alice Hoffman, she is also a big fan of Ken Follett and Jane Austen. Ellie's favorite book is The Secret History by Donna Tartt. A self-described coffee addict, cat-lover, and a secret tabloid-reader, Ellie firmly believes in finding the silver lining in every situation.After graduation (or at least someday!), Ellie dreams of moving to New York and free-lance writing.
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