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HC’s At-Home Survival Guide: Winter Break Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wake Forest chapter.

The sleepless nights and stressful days of exam week are finally over, and you somehow gain enough energy to get home and crawl into bed to recuperate. So once you’ve slept 20 hours and gorged on your favorite comfort food, you begin to realize a month at home is a long time to endure. You wonder how you’re ever going to survive a month with awkward high school run-ins and your (sometimes loveable) parents’ constant pestering. Don’t panic. We’re here to offer you a fool-proof plan on how to come out of this break with your sanity intact.

Movies, Movies and More Movies
The movies offer an escape when your mom assigns you a spot in your little brothers’ carpool or your name becomes once again scribbled onto that obnoxious household chores list. Movies create the perfect setting to relax and give you the perfect excuse to ignore any nagging parents or siblings. Whether you choose to trek to the movie theater or stay wrapped up in a sea of blankets at home, movies are a nice escape from monotony. Personally, I always go for the more light-hearted flicks because my brain just can’t handle any intense storylines after exams. And if you’re not ready to venture out into public with the chance of running into old high school flings, curling up to a classic holiday movie (check out HC’s favorites!) is the perfect option to enjoy while never leaving the comfort of your living room (or bed!).

“With a Little Help from My Friends”
To keep things interesting during the lack of frat parties and Pit-sits, try to plan fun events with a bunch of hometown friends.  Holiday cookie parties are a great way to get a group of your girlfriends together to decorate yummy treats and escape any exam-induced social isolation. And if you are lacking in skills involving pots or pans, don’t worry!  Organizing a ‘Secret Santa’ exchange guarantees a fun time and helps you reconnect with old friends. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love getting presents? A small road trip to see some fun Christmas lights is also a great way to get away from the parents for a few hours. So be merry, and get creative! Organizing some holiday festivities will any stress that winter break throws your way.

Don’t be a couch potato!
There is no quicker way to become nostalgic for your life back at Wake than by lounging on the couch all day, every day. Granted, doing absolutely nothing for hours on the couch is acceptable for the first few days of break. We all know the outside world can be a bit much to handle after your social skills have suffered from library seclusion. But doing nothing for almost 4 weeks will only end up being absolutely boring and miserable. So when day 3 or 4 of break rolls around, put that junk food down, put away the blankets and get active! Whether you go to the gym or dance around your room belting out “All I Want For Christmas is You”(no judgment), getting yourself moving can relieve that stress caused by your mom’s endless life advice and uncomfortable questions about Wake’s nightlife. Plus, all that holiday eating will feel a whole lot less guilty if you’re burning some of the extra calories.

Something Old, Something New
When you’re home, the whole town can start to feel so old and predictable, so change things up and try something new to turn that attitude around. Even if you lack the initiative to search for events happening around your town, just trying a new restaurant once in a while can help keep things a bit more exciting. It’ll always give you something to look forward to and offers you a chance to dress up, go out and see a new side to your hometown. I mean come on, good food and good company – what could be better? If your town is lacking in the restaurant department, going to a new boutique or holiday shopping can give your home-for-break routine a little variety as well!


So as you venture back to your hometown, remember that no matter what crazy antics your family has waiting for you, you still love them (whether you’re willing to admit it or not). And although your town’s nightlife may not be quite as exciting as the usual frat basement, your creativity, along with a fun group of friends, will offer instant improvement. And remember, no matter how many Bravo TV marathons are on, it’s not entirely acceptable to spend your break permanently imprinting your body outline into the sofa cushions. So get up, get festive and savor your break!

Jackie Swoyer is a rising senior at Wake Forest University majoring in Business and Enterprise Management, concentrating in Marketing and minoring in Economics. While her collegiate years have been spent in the Carolinas, this aspiring marketer currently calls Cincinnati, Ohio home...although she has spent years moving all over the country and beyond (including a five year period in Europe!). She is currently prepping for a summer internship in the Frito Lay Marketing Division in Plano, Texas, a new stop on her geographical repertoire. An avid reader of all things Her Campus, Jackie also loves to write, listen to Pandora, practice her cooking skills, and find live music anywhere she can.
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