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The Guide to Personalize

Every person should walk through their days knowing how cool they are and rocking it. Every aspect of your life from the boring to the exciting can be tailored to you and your personality can shine in more ways than you know. Here are a few simple ways to personalize everyday objects. 

1. Your backpack doesn’t have to weigh you down with books, lift yourself up by making it reflect you

From pins to patches, it is not hard to make it so that across the quad a friend would know it is you walking your amazing self to class. Etsy, Pintrill, and Amazon are great places to find the perfect additions to your backpack. Yes, your backpack may cause you stress when you open it up, textbooks and folders staring up at you as if you just opened Pandora’s Box, but counterbalance that with a bit of joy. Make yourself smile when you look at your backpack. Put some pep in your step as you walk down the halls knowing it is unique to you.

2. Add something unique to your wardrobe with cool additions to closet staples

Turn staples into statements through simple tricks like embroidering patterns, sewing other fabric on top, or simply accessorizing. Anyone can pull together jeans and a T-shirt,  but make it identifiable, it is as easy as going to michaels, buying materials, and executing. You can even work with what you already have in your closet.

3. Make this year’s big trend special to you by personalizing your Yeti Tumbler/Water Bottle

Okay so I love a good sticker, and anything can become a scrapbook of past experiences through the stickers you put onto personal items. This year, the most popular item is the hydro flask or yeti tumbler, but any water bottle can be made personal. RedBubble is a great go-to for your sticker purchases, but I personally love collecting them from places I have been, events I have been a part of, and activities I participate in. Shameless plug: you can cut free vinyl stickers and design your own buttons/pins at the Waker Space.

4. Choose a phone case that is identifiable to your personality

If you are like me, you always pick up someone else’s phone only to realize it is not yours… oops. Solution: find a super cool phone case that you will know every time is yours. Target, Etsy, Apple, and so many other stores carry hundreds of options and if you’re feelin special, slap a sticker on that phone case and make it even cooler!

5. Your computer case should reflect your interests, passions, and even things that make you laugh

I love looking at people’s laptops because you can tell so much about that person based on how they decorate it. I personally have stickers on my laptop from Wake Forest and the various clubs I am a part of on mine and it is so fun to see them keep on layering.

6. Planning can be stressful, but bring a little enjoyment into planning your week

Does your planner every overwhelm you just by opening? Well mine does with all the homework assignments to do, places to be, and other things I have on my plate, but not gonna lie it can be fun to go crazy with calligraphy and colorful pens to make my planner look pretty.

7. Make your Dorm Room feel like home and more importantly feel like your home by decorating the Wall

Wanna make your cinderblock 13×14 room special? Feel like home? Make you smile when you walk through the door? Now I am not an interior designer, but something as simple as wall art can make the room feel completely different and it can really make your room stand out from all the others across campus. Print some posters from Pinterest, make your own with some Michael’s canvases, buy some off Redbubble or from Anthropologie. The possibilities are endless. One of my favorites I have seen is a wall calendar created by blocking out the grid with Washi Tape.

You can make anything special to you whichever way you go: stickers, patches, pins, DIY, etc.









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