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Good Uncle: A Brief and Very Yummy History

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wake Forest chapter.

In case you haven’t heard, Good Uncle has officially arrived at Wake Forest! In a genius new way to master food delivery, Good Uncle employs a fleet of black vans that go to specific drop-off points on and off-campus. Thanks to this hub system, the vans carry many meals to one spot, resulting in shorter wait times and cheaper delivery. 

But where does the food come from? That’s the genius of Good Uncle’s operation. Because they are solely a delivery service, the kitchens do not need to be pretty or even in a good location. By saving money on the place where the food is made, Good Uncle is able to spend more money on fresh ingredients and custom delivery vehicles. Did you know hot foods such as pastas and plates are cooked in ovens inside the vans while they’re on their way to you? In this way, not only do they require a smaller kitchen facility, but Good Uncle can get your food to you even faster!

I haven’t even begun to talk about the food itself! Recipes are created by Chief Culinary Officer Erik Battes, a Michelin-Starred Restaurateur, Iron Chef contestant, and James Beard Award Winner. The food is incredible, and what’s even better is that the menu is updated and shifted bi-weekly to always give you a chance to try something new.  Some of my current favorites include the Mexican Burrito Bowl, Four Cheese Mac & Cheese, and, of course, the incredible Double Chocolate Brownie Cookie Dough. 

If all of this hasn’t convinced you of the delicious genius of Good Uncle, download the app and try it yourself! With drop-off points all around campus, it is easy to order and pay through the app with Deacon Dollars, Flex Cash, or a credit card. If you’re ordering for the first time, use my code— BC5BMC – for $8 off your first order. Happy eating!

Lucy Owen

Wake Forest '23

As a sophomore at Wake Forest, I'm so excited to be back on campus and writing for HerCampus for a second year! I'm majoring in Art History, with double minors in English and Cultural Heritage & Preservation Studies. If you need me, you can usually find me at Camino in ZSR, doing a workout class with friends, walking to Reynolda Village, or trying new restaurants in Winston.
Taylor Knupp

Wake Forest '21

Taylor is a senior from Harrisburg, PA studying Business and Enterprise Management. She is the outgoing Editor-In-Chief of Her Campus at WFU. Taylor plans to move to New York City after graduation to work as a Business Analyst at Verizon.