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Gift Ideas for the Entire Family

We are nearing heading home for the holidays. It is that time of year where the pressure is on to start thinking about gift-giving. I know I always struggle with what to get my family and how to stay under budget with it all. With COVID-19 causing this upcoming Black Friday to look a bit different, there are sales everywhere throughout the month of November and heading into December. Here are some ideas of what you can get your closest family members! 

For the mom…. 

I always struggle with what to get my mom for the holidays. 

  • One winner is always a special coffee mug. Wake Forest is having an online sale with discounted mugs! Your mom will love the thoughtfulness and will have something to drink her coffee, tea, or hot cocoa in! 
  • Another idea for mom’s is something from Athleta! We all need an athletic top…and you can never go wrong with Athleta. They also have swimsuits, dresses, pants, and the most important thing right now, masks! If you download the Athleta app they are having a 20% off sale on November 21-22. 

For the dad… 

  • College apparel! I can never go wrong getting my dad a Wake T-Shirt or sweatshirt. Wake Forest is selling clothing up to 65% off this week and I will definitely be looking for my Christmas purchase. 
  • Books…this may sound a bit lame but from my experience dads will typically love anything you get them. Yet, a book is super personable. Your dad will appreciate the effort you put in to think of what he would like regardless if he reads it or not. Head over to the NYT bestseller list and they will help you out with ideas. 

For the brother… 

  • A sweatshirt! Everyone loves sweatshirts and we could all use them for the cold this winter. Be creative with what the sweatshirt has on it. It could be their favorite sports team, their school, a funny picture, or something personal to them. Make it something they won’t want to take off this winter. 
  • Spikeball! Regardless of age, this game is so fun and it is always something to have on hand. I bought my brother this for his birthday last year, and he played it all summer and then brought it to college this year. It is a game that everyone in the family can play or something that he can play with his friends. 

For the sister… 

  • Matching bracelets! I don’t have a sister but I witnessed my best friend buy her sister a bracelet that was matching with her own and it was the perfect gift. I am biased because Madewell is my favorite store, but they always have the cutest matching jewelry sets. You get a little gift out of it too! 
  • A heating pillow! I got this gift last year and I have loved having it. You can be creative with what patterns are on the pillow or if you want it to be an animal. It is a great gift to have when you have a sore neck or back or if you are just feeling like warming up. Etsy has great deals for these pillows with 15% off on some offers and free shipping on others.
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Hi I am Colleen Condon and I am a sophomore at Wake Forest University! I am majoring in Psychology and Communication with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I am from the suburbs of Chicago and love participating in HerCampus. I am super into sports, playing soccer and basketball in high school and now playing club basketball in college. I am also interested in wellness. As a pescatarian and an avid gym attendee I am always looking for ways to better myself!
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