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Garrett Kelly (‘16)

Name: Garrett Kelly

Year: Junior

Hometown: Fresno, Calif.

Major/Minor: Economics major with a minor in Entrepreneurship

Involvement at Wake: Baseball  

Favorite food: (Everything!) But probably steak or sushi


*Photo by Dean Shore.

He may be a driven athlete on the baseball field, but he’s definitely not a “player”!  Meet this week’s Campus Cutie, Garrett Kelly!

HC (Her Campus): Can you tell us a little bit about your involvement here at Wake?

GK (Garrett Kelly): Sure.  I play baseball – have been for all three years [here].  I’ve also been taking some acting classes and getting to know people in the theater department, so that side has been pretty cool too.

HC: So you got recruited to play baseball for Wake.  What made you sure you wanted to come here? 

GK: The education was something that was important to me.  I was playing for California and came here to visit and fell in love.  The fact I get four seasons here is pretty cool – so I’m alright with a little bit of snow.  I came to this area, and I thought it was gorgeous.  I enjoy the guys on the team and the prestige really helps.  But my initial introduction [to Wake Forest] was because of baseball.

HC: How did you get into playing baseball?

GK: Baseball was something I did growing up.  I played a bunch of different sports – just trying to stay active and out of trouble.  Baseball was the one sport I fell in love with almost instantly.  It’s something I enjoy doing.  I started playing when I was three

HC: Is the rest of your family into sports?

GK: My Dad played baseball, and he was also a high jumper in college.  My mom played volleyball.  My little brother is playing everything he can, too.


*Photo by Dean Shore.

HC: Sounds like you come from a pretty athletic family!  What is it about baseball that made it one of your passions?

GK: The cool thing about baseball is you don’t have to be 6’4’’ or 250 lbs.  You can be an average guy and still have a chance at playing.  I love the traveling – the summers are filled with going to different places; that’s really my favorite part.  I mean, I love playing the game – don’t get me wrong – but the bus rides – it’s a fun time.  You’re out there traveling with 34 of your best friends.

HC: Do you have any other passions or hobbies?

GK: I love music.  I played trumpet, guitar, and drums growing up.  I still try to be as involved as I can – taking up this acting thing is something that interests me too.

HC: Do you have a favorite movie?

GK: I’m a big movie guy – I love to watch a bunch of movies.  But probably “Good Will Hunting” – it’s pretty crazy that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were about 20 years old and writing movies.  I’m sitting here trying to stay awake in Econ class, and they’re writing award winning movies!

HC: What’s one thing you can’t live without?

GK: I mean, if we can’t put food there, then I’d go with music.  I love music, and it’s perfect for any situation or mood.  My favorite band is Red Hot Chili Peppers, for sure – it’s as California as you can get.

HC: We have to ask … What’s your relationship status?

GK: I actually have a girlfriend now, which is kind of different for me to say.  She’s smart and not an athlete, which helps me to remove myself from the game every once in a while.  She’s a huge baseball fan and really involved on campus, which is great. She puts up with me – she’s a doll.

HC: Is it hard being stereotyped as a baseball player and an athlete?  How do you branch out?

GK: Every niche at Wake has a stereotype.  It would be unfair of me to say it’s any harder for me, because everyone has to deal with it.  I do enjoy that people at Wake Forest like to sit down and have conversations, so most of the stereotypes are broken.  People here are open-minded about meeting new people.

HC: How would you describe yourself to others?  Would you include baseball player in that description?

GK: See, this is a loaded question (laughs).  For the most part, I’m adaptable and relatable to a lot of other people.  I’m pretty easygoing and understanding.  I try to be the best friend I can be, whatever that encompasses.  I’m driven, and I don’t take my passions lightly.  I work hard for the things I get.

*Photo by Dean Shore.

HC: What’s something most people don’t know about you?

GK: I’m Latin.  Not from the looks of it, but my mom is actually a first generation American from Cuba.  My dad is just a pure potato-peeling, Whiskey-making Irish – you can put that in there (laughs) – hence, the name “Garrett Kelly.”

HC: Lastly, are you excited for spring break?  What are your plans?

GK: [As baseball players], we don’t really get spring break, but we’ll be in Tallahassee for the series, so I’m excited for that.  We haven’t really started the season as planned, but I think we’re really turning a corner, so we’ll see where it takes us.  We have a lot of really talented young guys and great senior leadership.  It’ll be a great ride.

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