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Fun Fall Activities and Fashion Inspiration

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wake Forest chapter.

As the leaves change into vibrant colors and the chill of colder months approaches, it’s time to replace the plethora of sun dresses in our closets and make room for sweaters, denim and overalls. Fall is the coziest season of the year and one of the best seasons for fashion, especially at Wake Forest. What could be more fun than taking a nature walk through the changing colors and beautiful foliage of Reynolda Village’s pathway? Below is a list of outfit ideas to use as inspiration for checking activities off your fall bucket list. 


When the weather gets cold, sometimes it is too difficult to resist the allure of curling up and watching a movie with your girlfriends. Put a tray of cookies in the oven, curate the perfect Halloween movie lineup – HocusPocus, Scream and Halloweentown – and curl up in a soft blanket alongside your friends. There’s no better occasion to wear your cute pajamas and lounge sets paired with your favorite pair of knit socks and slippers. You also can never go wrong with a pair of jogger sweatpants and a long-sleeved lace trim top. The key is to be comfortable, so wear whatever makes you feel your best! 


Depending on where you live, apple picking is one of those fall “must-dos.” It truly doesn’t get better than putting on a cute outfit and walking through orchard rows with a wagon full of apples. Wearing a denim or corduroy overall skirt would be super cute and perfect for this occasion. This can be paired with a neutral or soft-toned undershirt or layered with a turtleneck sweater if the weather is cold. Also, ankle boots are a practical shoe for navigating the orchards as the grass may be damp and uncut. Another cute idea is to use white satin ribbon to tie your hair back in a ponytail or a “half-up half down.” This is a small accessory that can really enhance the look and will look amazing in pictures.  


School and work can be stressful, which makes it absolutely necessary to romanticize your life by working in a coffee shop in a cute outfit. Order your favorite fall beverage and use this time to get ahead on assignments or other tasks. One outfit idea is to wear a mini skirt, paired with a long-sleeved off the shoulder sweater. This would look great with an oversized, brown or black pleather jacket that has a soft fur interior. Accessorizing is key with this outfit! It would look super cute to pair the skirt with sheer tights underneath. This is also a great time to wear a cute ring set or necklace with a large emblem. 


If you’re still grieving the end of summer, then this activity is perfect for you! If the weather permits, it would be super fun to lay out a plaid blanket in the grass and have a picnic with your friends. This is the perfect opportunity to try some seasonal fall recipes such as apple fritters, pumpkin bread, and warm apple cider. This is one last opportunity to wear your favorite maxi skirt before the weather completely renders this style impractical. You can pair it with an oversized colorful sweater or a flowy sheer top. Picnics are the best time to stay comfortable in flowing pieces instead of being constrained by the conventional form-fitting style. 

Alexandra Meier

Wake Forest '26

My name is Alexandra Meier and I am sophomore from upstate New York, majoring in Politics and International Affairs.