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Freshmen Problems: An Open Letter to the Sibs

I didn’t think I was going to miss you. I told myself I was strong enough to go two and a half months without seeing you. For some reason, I didn’t let myself miss you. Maybe I was afraid I would get homesick. Maybe I didn’t want to miss you because I didn’t want you to feel sad that I missed you. Maybe I tried to be too independent too fast. Just because I’m in college, just because I’m now nineteen doesn’t have to mean that I don’t need my three Looney Tunes AKA siblings. After one day of being home from break, two months worth of emotions spilled. You are the reason why I breathe everyday. I try to be a good role model to you and your best friend and someone to hold your hand when it’s been a hard day and someone to give you a push when you are in a slump.

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I told my sister, who is the youngest and 11 years old, that she is so lucky that she’s the youngest. I thought about how great it’s been to be the “Little” in my Diamond Family in ADPi. I get to hang out with my Big and her friends, get taken out for lunch by my Big and Grandbig and get to wear my Big sister’s clothes from the t-shirts she passed down to me. Being the youngest was so fun! I joked to Eleanor that I have been missing out for the past nineteen years by being the oldest and not the youngest! As much fun as being the Little has been, nothing compares to sitting on the couch watching The Goldbergs with my little sister in the crook of one of my arms and my brother in the other crook or my 16 year old brother with his two legs sprawled out on top of my lap like two tree trunks.

Collegiettes, as much we want to be coddled, we want to be the ones to coddle our siblings.. We want to be the ones they lean on, literally and metaphorically. We want them to tell us about the highs and lows. We want to be there to fix their printer when it breaks the night before a paper is due; we will be there when friends aren’t being true friends.

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To my siblings: being your big sister is the best job I could ever have so far in my life. You challenge me, whether you know it or not, to be the best person I can be, to work as hard as I can, to love as much as my heart can.

I love them more than they know, and I would take a bullet for each in a heartbeat. It hasn’t been that long, only a few days since I hugged my family goodbye, but I already miss them. Until then, I hope they enjoy the millions of Snapchats I will send of my face in very attractive expressions.


Your Favorite Oldest Sister

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