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The Freshmen Faux-Pas: Mistakes We Made, & How Not to Make Them, Too

We’ve all been there: we’ve said the wrong thing at the wrong time, made the wrong impression… We’ve been that freshman. But you don’t have to be, or at least you don’t have to be any longer! As seasoned Wake Forest vets, News Section editors Clare and Cat have a few tips for all the new members of the class of 2016 looking to avoid making the typical freshmen faux-pas! Read on ladies (and gents, if you so choose) and prepare to have a fabulous freshman year!

Don’t ask if a girl is in a sorority (but if she is, DO try and meet her friends)
You might be able to tell by the colors of her chucks or the loud neon mank she’s wearing – and if you can’t, asking will come off as sucking up. Get to know her as a person before you get to know her as an organization.

Don’t ask if someone is a freshman (DO ask if someone’s a junior/senior)
You wouldn’t like it if someone asked if you were a sophomore in high school, so just assume everyone is older than they are. Flattery goes a long way.

Don’t wear a lanyard (DO carry your deacon card in your wallet or a cute coin purse)
Just trust us on this one.

Don’t wear ONLY Wake clothing all day, every day (DO try and look like you own a real and acceptable wardrobe)
We love school spirit and the Deacons, but we’re not athletes… unless you are an athlete, in which case, rock those sweats. But otherwise, make an effort once in a while.


Don’t go to the Pit at peak hours – aka noon and 6 PM (but DO make friends with the Pit workers)
Want an all-cage-free egg-white organic sausage and home-grown pepper with crumbled feta and gouda omelet? Netta will have your back.

Don’t take 12 hours/semester your entire freshman year (but DO get your divisionals out of the way)
Do the 15 hours/semester average, or you’ll be kicking yourself the semesters you have 18 hours later on. Also, coming from a girl who just finished her last divisional the second semester of her junior year, you don’t want to be that senior in Psych 101.

Don’t drink the punch at DKE’s (just don’t)

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