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#FreshmanProblems: The Pledging Predicament

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wake Forest chapter.

The spring has finally arrived, and despite the few weeks of cold rain, we must enjoy these final months of the semester. It is hard to imagine that we will no longer be those wild freshman, but I am sure that we will keep striving for greatness and redefining Wake Forest in our own way. Although during this spring semester we have been able to enjoy the new Pit, the juniors who were abroad, and those lovely snow days, many of the young men of the Class of 2017 have had a semester defined by a lack of time and a hectic sleeping schedule. By this, I mean those unfortunate pledging days for the freshmen boys…

However, I am honestly frustrated with the excuse of “I’m pledging” and the common “You don’t understand!” I may be speaking harshly, but I feel that this choice was a conscious one so the consequences would and should have been understood before the process began. I may not understand the situation fully, but, from what I have observed, I would advise many of you to just endure, do not become overstressed, and utilize your time wisely. Still though, the semester is almost over and the aggravation with pledging will soon be gone and, you, young men, will be able to enjoy your fraternity for the next three years.

The thought of only having a few weeks left as a freshman is quite frightening, but I am prepared to finish this semester happily satisfied and excited for what is to come. I hope that all of you freshman have realized what little time we have left and, I am sure all of you are just as shocked as I am by how fast this school year has gone. Let’s all just enjoy these next few weeks, until the overwhelmingly stressful finals week begins…



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Cassie Brown

Wake Forest

Editorial Campus Correspondent. Former Section Editor for Campus Cutie. Writer for Her Campus Wake Forest. English major with a double minor in Journalism and Communication. Expected graduation in May 2014.