Freshman Year of College: A Summary

Photo Name: Teachers Assistant 

Mo Bamba

The song of the season, don’t even know why

The third time this party (I think I’ll just die)

Sheck Wes will cure all of your frat party drama

With one quip of “Alexa, please play me Mo Bamba”



Remember those books of poetry your teacher would read to you in elementary school? The one’s by Shel Silverstein such as Where The Sidewalk Ends and A Light in The Attic? Or how about all those books by Dr. Suess like The Cat in the Hat and Horton Hears a Who? Kids across generations have enjoyed quirky, yet lovable, poetry from a young age. But who says this unique style of literature has to stop once we hit a certain age?

Two college freshman, Katie M. and Halle B. are publishing Odes to Freshman Year a book of poetry, with a voice much like that of Silverstein or Suess, for an older audience. The poems are “based on the collective experiences of many wayward freshman at an unnamed university of the coast of the United States.”

The book tells collegiate tall tales in 21 short poems and is taglined as “Freshman Year; it’s a weird time to say the least.” Katie is the author, while Halle illustrates each poem. The works range from FOMO, an ode to Fear of Missing Out Syndrome, Ramen, an ode to dining hall eating, to Mo Bamba an ode to frat parties. The book is a great, and relatable way to summarize your freshman year.

Plans for the book fell into place one day when Katie was sitting in Halle’s dorm first semester.

“Everyone takes freshman year so seriously and we wanted people to be able to laugh at themselves and maybe feel a little less alone. Many of us envision college to happen in this perfect, "best four years of your life" way, and while there are a lot of amazing things about going to school, it can also be really hard. People never talk about that, so we wanted to” Katie said.

Odes to Freshman Year is sold at for $13.75 starting late April. The book is the perfect treat for anyone! It would make a great grad gift, coffee table book, to read in the bathroom, anything you want. “It is meant to be read aloud and shared with people” Katie said. The girls have plans to make a book to summarize each year of college until they graduate with the goal simply to make people laugh.