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Floor Collapses in the Middle of a Party at Clemson University

In recent news… A floor collapsed injuring 30 people at a house party at Clemson University leaving us all *shook.* Better yet, people caught it on video. Party-goers caught the incident on Snapchat video. Through the foggy shaky screen of a selfie vid dancing to “Mo Bamba,” you can see the floor invert and a mass of people drop to the floor below. As if it were a movie, people slide down floor tiles desperately trying to grasp onto people, objects, loose floor tiles. A true mess, a true atrocity of all accounts.

Testimonies from witnesses say the floor was “bouncing like a trampoline.” And yet, they kept going. Police say that 30 were taken to the hospital but no life threatening injuries occurred, thank the lord.

If this is what happened at Clemson’s homecoming…what will happen to us? Personally, I’m terrified. Clemson might have us beat for now, and I don’t feel the need to one up this tragedy.

My thoughts and prayers go to those who were injured, and hopefully this doesn’t happen anywhere else. 


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