Five Places to Consider for your Spring Break Travel this year:

South Africa

There is nothing more beautiful than nature in its purest form. March is one of the best months to head to South Africa because of the amazing weather in their early fall season. The wild animals have just had their babies (which makes for some incredible insta photos if you opt to go on safari—I would highly recommend) and the beaches are far less crowded than usual. Regardless of whether you find yourself in a big beach city like Cape Town or Durban or inland in a desolate spot, there is always somewhere beautiful to be explored.

Cabo San Lucas

A hot spot for us college gals. The food is authentic and fresh, the environment is picture perfect for your spring break aesthetic and the experience will leave you socially exhausted but also extremely refreshed—if there’s any location that has miraculously mastered both its Cabo. Book your flights ASAP.


When you think spring break, you think Miami. There is no more befitting location for the American spring breaker’s dream. It’s an easy flight from any east coast school and you can live it up as lavishly or as basically as you desire. Whether you stay at the Four Seasons or the Miami Beach Holiday Inn you are guaranteed to have yourself a memorable time. There are endless excursions to take throughout the city during the day, many of the world’s best restaurants to test out and the most extravagant nightclubs in America.

New Orleans

Your experience in the Big Easy can pretty much be summed up in 3 words: best. beignets. ever. Cafe du Monde will be your taste of heaven on earth, the French Quarter will serve as instagram material that makes all your friends jealous and Magazine Street will provide you the best clothes and souvenirs to bring back. The night scene on Bourbon Street will be your go-to for a night you won’t forget—or one you could very well end up forgetting…!


Most flights are under $500, making this one of the more affordable overseas destinations. Barcelona provides the best of a big city, culturally diverse with amazing nightlife and a beach. Easy access to Ibiza also is a significant factor to consider—it boasts venues for some of the best DJs and nightclubs in the world. And who wouldn’t want to flex a spring break vacay to Europe?