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Here are five delicious dishes to bring to your local Super Bowl party.

Pigs in a Blanket

Nothing quite says football like a good old fashion mini hotdog wrapped in a warm pastry! Pigs and the blanket are an easy but essential Super Bowl food. Trader Joe’s has unbeatable ones in their frozen section.


Is it really a football watch party without some wings? Head to your local Wingstop or grocery store to cop some wings in the flavor of your choice. I recommend garlic parmesan!


Any type will do. Buffalo, spinach and artichoke, pimento cheese! Any flavor of dip will quickly become an essential part of the party’s spread and will leave people coming back for seconds and thirds. Have some chips, veggies, and pita on hand, too!

Garlic Bread

This one may seem unexpected but garlic bread is sure to be a hit and is easy to munch on when people are walking around and socializing! Add some marinara or butter sauce to level it up.

Cookie Cake

This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one sweet item! Football themed cookie cakes take over the stores shelves this week and with good reason. Grab a festive cookie cake and a gallon of milk for this Sundays game- you won’t regret it.

Anna Wexler

Wake Forest '24

Anna is a senior at Wake Forest and has been involved in Her Campus since she was a freshman. She is excited to be taking on the role as Co EIC/President of HC this year and is looking forward to working with Wake's awesome HC ladies!