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Festival Essentials

Along with the beautiful warm weather, music festival season has arrived! Whether you camp or attend for just one day, preparing for these festivals is a necessary. As you pack your things and prep for some wonderful days of music, make sure to pay attention to these top 5 tips for any festival you attend:

  1. Water

You probably know to make sure to stay hydrated – this is no joke. Weather can be hot and dry, a dangerous combination when you are standing and walking around outside for hours upon hours. Make sure to not only drink ample amounts of water, but to bring as many bottles as you can fit in your bag into the venue (I try to bring at least 2). Most security check points will not allow open bottles and even some will not allow for unopened bottles, so make sure you bring your own empty bottles and prepare to fill them as soon as you enter the main grounds.

2. Sun protection

Once again, this is pretty obvious and self-explanatory. You may think the sun is your friend… you are wrong. If you don’t lather on the sunscreen (and try to bring a small bottle in the venue with you if possible) and try to pack a cute hat – you will burn.

3. Portable charger

If you bring your phone inside the main site and are wanting to video your favorite sets or text your friends – do yourself a favor and invest in a portable charger. The phone charging stations are almost always crowded and if there are no workers watching the station, then it just takes away time from seeing some concerts.

4. Blanket, if possible

Big enough bag? Bring a blanket! When you are sitting on the ground waiting for your favorite artist to perform, a blanket is always a great thing to have, or even an extra shirt!

5. T.P.

 Weird, but necessary. Do not rely on the portable toilets to have some toilet paper. Fend for yourself and do not be stuck in an embarrassing situation. Always bring your own roll of toilet paper. Ya welcome.

An English Major and Communications Minor at Wake Forest University. Current student, future editor. Loves travel, loves music.
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