Favorite Finds in Winston Salem

I took an Uber downtown on Saturday for fun with my friend to explore and I am so glad I did! Winston has some really cool shops and restaurants and I think everyone should explore the town around Wake! It helps to have a change of scenery by getting off campus once in a while. Here are my favorite finds in Winston so far: 

1. Mast General Store

I am from Pennsylvania and we do not have Mast General Stores up near me, but apparently, there are a lot down south. It is so fun to wander around this giant store downtown. They have everything from Patagonia and North Face clothes to cute mugs to barrels of old fashioned candy and specialty cookies and syrups. I got lost in here for over an hour looking at everything and there’s still more to cover. Need a gift for someone? This is the perfect place to grab holiday gifts (or treat yourself).

2. Old Fourth Street Filling Station

This adorable restaurant is extremely cozy with a warm fireplace in the middle of the dining room, soft lighting, and comfortable seating. On a Saturday night, it was very crowded and seemed to be a local favorite. The food was amazing and combined with the southern hospitality, I cannot wait to go back!

3. Village Tavern near Hanes Mall

Most students have been to Village Tavern at Reynolda Village, but the bigger one near Hanes Mall is a cool change. It has a ton of different rooms and feels more upscale than the one in Reynolda. With the same menu, the food is the same but it’s nice to mix things up every once in a while!

4. Mizu

This Japanese restaurant about 10 minutes from campus is a favorite for my friends and me. Their fried rice is delicious and the hibachi entrees come with a generous amount of food that makes you guaranteed to leave with leftovers for the next day. They have large tables to accommodate all of your friends looking for amazing sushi and dumplings.

5. Camino Bakery

Camino Bakery is a super cute spot in downtown Winston to study or catch up with a friend over coffee. They have giant cookies, muffins, croissants, vegan pastries, and gluten-free options. There is a bar at the window to do work and people-watch simultaneously. Sick of doing homework in ZSR for the fifth time in a week? Grab a friend and get to Camino Bakery for a few hours.