Fashion in the Forest: 6 Ways to Wear Button-Down Shirts

There are certain wardrobe staples that every collegiette should have in her (tiny) dorm room closet.  One great go-to is a simple button-down shirt.  Whether it’s a crisp white oxford, a slouchy chambray shirt, or a soft flannel, button-downs are easy to throw on before class and still make for a great outfit.  Here are 6 ways to style your button-down.

  1.  Jeans

    Wear virtually any color or style button-down with jeans.  If you’re wearing a simple color, accessorize with a bold statement necklace or a fun scarf.  Grab a pair of riding boots or ballet flats, and you have a perfect and comfortable outfit to go to class or eat at the Pit.

  2. Skirts

    If you want to look more dressed up, pair your button-down with a cute skirt. As it starts to get colder outside, a button-down, wool skirt, tights, and boots is another simple outfit that always looks great.  If you’re wearing a white button-down, wear a bright colored pair of tights to add a little flair to your outfit!

  3. Leggings

    Although wearing leggings as pants is sometimes considered a fashion faux pas, if you’re wearing a long enough shirt they’re a fun and comfortable change from regular pants!  Leggings with a longer chambray button-down or oversized flannel make the perfect cozy outfit for spending hours in the library.

  4. Over a Dress

    Now that it’s getting colder outside, a cute button-down is perfect to wear over a dress to keep warm.  There are still some days that we don’t need a jacket, so a chambray shirt or flannel over a dress is the perfect way to stay warm and look cute!

  5. Under a Sweater

    Layering works for everything: necklaces, scarves, but especially shirts.  Wear a button-down with a crew neck or v-neck sweater to dress up your outfit and stay warm at the same time.  A big, cozy sweater looks great with a crisp collar peeking out of the top!

  6. Under a Vest

    Here at Wake, vests are a huge trend.  Puffy, fleece, fur, you’ll see it all here.  All of these look great with different style button-downs.  Wear a flannel under a puffy vest, or a chambray shirt under a fleece one, and you’re warm and have a cute outfit at the same time!