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Fashion in the Forest: 5 Ways to Wear Stripes

Stripes are a great staple for every wardrobe and will definitely liven up your outfits during spring and summer. Here are five easy ways to incorporate stripes into you daily wardrobe!

1.    While it is still cool in the mornings, layer over a striped dress or skirt. Chambray is a great layering tool to use with stripes because you can easily wear colored stripes! Try this look with a thin sweater over your chambray. You can easily remove the sweater when it warms up, and your outfit will still look awesome.

2.    Wear a neutral striped shirt with a chunky necklace. The striped t-shirt makes the look more casual, while the necklace adds some elegance to a simple t-shirt and jeans look. This is another look where you don’t have to wear neutral stripes. Mix it up with contrasting colors!

3.    Try a breezy maxi sundress with wide stripes. This is a casual and fun look that will easily transition from walking around campus for morning classes to a summer afternoon. If you are feeling really adventurous, add a panama hat and some layered necklaces. With a simple maxi, it is really easy to accessorize. Layer some longer chain necklaces and add some bangles!

4.    Mix up the black and white trend by layering black and white stripes. This is a great way to mix patterns, while not being too out there. Try alternating directions and different widths for your stripes. Also, try to avoid perfectly matching your stripes, otherwise, you might end up wearing a striped jumpsuit!

5.    Finally, the easiest way to wear stripes is a striped t-shirt and jeans. This is a classic look and so easy to pull off, especially in spring. If you want to spice it up, wear either colored stripes or colored pants for a pop of fun. 

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Taylor Curry

Wake Forest

Hello all! My name is Taylor and I am a junior here at Wake. I am so excited about writing for Her Campus again this semester and check out my Fashion in the Forest blog posts every other week. Also check out the Fashion in the Forest Pinterest page or email me at hcfashionintheforest@gmail.com!
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