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Fashion in the Forest: 5 Ways to Wear a Midi Skirt

As Paris Fashion Week, and therefore fashion month, comes to a close, there are so many new styles and trends emerging. How do you translate those extravagant trends to everyday life in the Forest? Full midi skirts were one trend that were present both on and off the runway this year. Start ditching those mini skirts and try this new look! Here are five ways to rock the midi skirt…

  1. Pair a wool or warmer blend midi skirt with a graphic t-shirt or sweatshirt while we are transitioning to spring! Add some bling and red lipstick to spice up this look for date night.
  2. Choose glitter! Purschase a glittery midi skirt or pair a plain one with a glittery top. These skirts are already ultra feminine, so adding that little pop will make them even more fun and girly.
  3. Tulle is amazing, but it is hard to avoid looking like a ballerina when wearing it. So, pair a tulle midi skirt with a cardigan and booties for a more Parisian chic look. It also helps if your tulle isn’t pink or cream – try black instead. Black is more versatile anyways.
  4. If you are excited for summer and crop tops, start early and wear a patterned crop top with a full midi skirt and booties.
  5. Finally, if you want to be a little more casual, tuck a tank top or chambray into the skirt and belt it. This is a great spring look and will take you right into summer! 
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Taylor Curry

Wake Forest

Hello all! My name is Taylor and I am a junior here at Wake. I am so excited about writing for Her Campus again this semester and check out my Fashion in the Forest blog posts every other week. Also check out the Fashion in the Forest Pinterest page or email me at hcfashionintheforest@gmail.com!
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