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Fall in The Forest: My Favorite Outdoor Study Spots

With fall in full swing in Winston-Salem, NC, I am grasping onto any time outdoors that I can. The weather is incredible right now and occasionally, it is nice to escape the walls of Camino or the seventh floor of ZSR and get some fresh air. Here are some other spots that you can check out when you want to get some fresh air but still feel productive.

  1. The tables in on the quad side of Reynolda Hall – you have a perfect clear view of Wait and can have some fun people watching while you do your Chemistry. 
  2. The tables outside of Benson that face Davis Hall – this is the perfect place to actually be productive and sit outside. Chances are not many people you know will walk by, and the trees are still beautiful.
  3. The fire pit that is near Tribble Courtyard – I prefer this firepit over the smaller ones because there are more trees, and you can see your computer screen because the sun isn’t reflecting quite as much.
  4. Reynolda Village – when you have a bigger window of time to study. It’s worth it to make the trip to Dough Joe’s. Grab yourself a coffee and sit outside.
  5. The picnic tables in front of Farrell – These share the tree coverage of tribble courtyard and make for the perfect morning spot before class. Grab a bagel from Einstein’s and last-minute cram there instead of in your dorm room. Trust me, you’ll be in a better head space going into that exam.
Caroline Avinger

Wake Forest '25

I am from Nashville, TN and am an intended psychology major with a Spanish minor at Wake Forest University. I love the outdoors, music, spending time with my family, and lacrosse! I am super excited to write for Her Campus WFU and share more about myself!
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