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$EN!OR Strugs: 9 Things I’ll Miss About Wake

Classes are over and finals season is upon us. Last day of classes was definitely bittersweet because it means college is almost over. Don’t get me wrong—I am excited about the next chapter of my life. While I will be teaching in Chicago, I will look back fondly on my time at Wake, which has given me the best four years. I still walk around campus thinking about how lucky I am to be at this school and how beautiful it is. Here are just a few of the things I’ll miss most from Wake and I will try not to shed a tear as I throw my cap up in the air.

1. Wait Chapel 

The North Star. Mom. Mother So Dear. There are so many nicknames for this iconic structure. It’s the light that guides you home from the compound. I’ll miss my favorite tunes, from the Harry Potter theme song to “Phantom of the Opera,” at 5pm every day.

2. All the events

From Hit the Bricks, Wake N’ Shake, Presidents Ball, and Shag on the Mag, Wake hosts incredible events that are rooted in tradition.

3. My sorority

Joining my sorority is one of the best decisions I’ve made while at Wake. I’m so lucky to be a part of such an inspiring group of women that truly do value sisterhood. I’ll miss my lineage, date functions, and silly philanthropy events.

4. Her Campus

I have been a member of this magazine since my junior year of high school. I remember setting a goal for myself to be Editor-in-Chief by senior year. However, my previous Editor-in-Chief believed in me and appointed me my junior year. I have grown in my writing abilities, and my passion for writing has only increased. I’ve met my best friends through this organization and I have gotten to know so many talented writers and editors. I look forward to reading this magazine as an alum!

5. Friends live close by

On Wake’s campus, everyone lives in close proximity so it’s easy to hang out with friends or make dinner plans at the last minute. College is a social time, and I am going to miss the ease of getting together with my Wake fam.

6. Not needing to cook for myself

Sometimes the pit gets boring, but it sure does beat cooking for myself! I’ll gain that skill someday, but for now my roommate and I will keep our kitchen stocked with apples, ice cream, and alcohol. Seriously, those are the only three things we have had in our kitchen all semester.

7. Frat parties

It’s been fun to be a senior and still go to frat parties. Nothing beats dingy basements and crazy pledge car rides. Wake has such a unique party culture and I totally love it.

8. Hanging out with my Worrell House fam

Did you know I studied abroad in London? I may or may not try to bring that up in every conversation. It was one of the best adventures of my life, so much so that I’m trying everything I can to move back there.

9. Literally everything else

I’m going to miss the classes I’ve taken, the professors who have shaped me into the student I am, the fifth-graders I taught, walking around this beautiful campus, Drunk Subway or Zick’s, and most of all my friends.

I hope to stay in touch with as many people as I can. Peace out, Wake, these last four years have been a dream come true.

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