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Dearest HC Readers: Meet Your Features Editors!

Dearest HC Readers,

As the HC News editors, we would like to formally welcome everyone back to campus! Whether it’s your freshman or senior year at Wake Forest, this is sure to be yet another semester filled with fun and adventure. We are looking forward to covering every bit of it!

From finding humor in simply being a woman at Wake Forest to interviewing some of our busiest and most accomplished collegiettes, we hope to share it all. This semester is about YOU! Let’s make it memorable.

Perhaps Beyoncé said it best when she sang, “When I leave this world, I’ll leave no regrets. Leave something to remember, so they won’t forget I was here.” (Yes, we took it there!)

So let Queen Bey belt our anthem as we propel forward into another year celebrating all that it means to be a collegiette at Wake Forest!

Are you ready?!


Heidi & Amber

P.S. Get to know us by checking out our bios below!

Heidi Gall ‘15

“I am an English and Psychology double major from the tiny town of Kingsport, TN. After studying abroad in London, I could easily see myself moving there after graduation. My dream is to edit books in a cozy office in a big city one day. I suffer from a debilitating love of cute, fluffy things and adore baking. My favorite colors are blue and yellow, as evidenced by literally everything I own!”

Amber Burton ‘15

“I am an English major and Journalism and Creative Writing minor. Originally from Charlotte, my love for North Carolina runs deep! While at Wake Forest I have had the opportunity to be involved in a plethora of campus activities and organizations. Dance Company and my position as a Resident Advisor for first year girls have been two of my largest commitments. When I am not attending club meetings or writing a paper, I can be found reading a magazine or dancing around a studio in Scales.”

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