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DEACademics Blog: The Ultimate Student Resource

We’re always getting emails from Wake about what resources to take advantage of, what events to attend, and what tips we should take for the next steps in our academic career. It’s easy to skip over these emails and send them to the trash, because the truth is we get a lot of emails. Wouldn’t it be easier to just have one place to go to find all of this information? Check out t

he DEACademics online blog, the ultimate resource made for students by students.

The mission of DEACademics is to serve as a holistic resource to students when it comes to academics at Wake Forest. Students can find all types of information on the blog, from important upcoming events to tips for studying, balance and healthy eating.

“DEACademics is a great resource to students because it contains relevant and important information.  We always try to stay one step ahead of the academic calendar so that we can get students thinking ahead about what classes they want to take or what opportunities they can look out for,” said contributing writer Emily Colby.

DEACademics is different from other academic sources of information because it is run by students. All DEACademics staff members are Wake Forest students, so the perspective is both unique and relatable.

“It allows students to see how their peers handle “Work Forest” in a smart and organized way,” said copy editor Emily Earle.


A student-run blog can also allow a certain element of fun. It can get dull reading academic email after academic email. The DEACademics student-written content makes the blog’s information not only more accessible for students, but also way more interesting to read. The pieces are conversational, and aimed at showing students all Wake has to offer, while also providing a fun read.

Shahani Samaresekera, PR coordinator, enjoys her involvement with the blog because of its unique functionality.

“The blog is a fun, student driven resource which provides everyone with useful information,” she said. “We not only cover the important deadlines, but also fun new clubs and campus events that our fellow students are involved in, which makes the blog a great place to visit to get the low down on exactly what is happening around Wake.”

Whether you’re looking for information on study spots or tips on how to make the most out of your career fair, DEACademics has it all. Discover for yourself why DEACademics is the ultimate student resource at http://deacademics.wordpress.com/ .

I am a junior at Wake Forest University and write for the "News" section of WFU hercampus branch.
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