Dating a Best Friend

Dating a friend can be tricky. It’s more than just a boyfriend or girlfriend; this develops after you’ve already had a strong friendship. Best friends genuinely know each other; when romantic chemistry is added, you connect on a physical, emotional, personal, and mental level.

1. It feels natural.

When you date someone you’ve been super close with, it is unlike any other relationship. First and foremost, after getting past any grey areas, and once the relationship has begun, it feels relaxed and comfortable. You don’t necessarily feel the need to get dolled up and impress the person. Ultimately, there feels like there is far less pressure. You don’t just feel like you’ve known your significant other for longer than you have; you have known him for more than a few weeks or month. Since he’s already your best friend, the trust dynamic is more relaxed; it’s easier to open up and explain, knowing that he’ll be there to understand and comfort you.

2. It’s easier to relax and have fun.

The best part of dating your best friend is that you already know you love spending time with them, so you don’t have to worry about thinking of things to do or say with each other. There are much less tension and anxiety around going on dates and worrying about the little things because you already know about the little things.

3. There’s a lot more at stake.

While it is easier to date your best friend, there is also the downside of worrying more. Since this is someone you were already close to, it is much, much, scarier. It is terrifying to imagine losing someone so close to you and someone for whom you care so much. It’s incredible yet can be stressful and scary, and then the question is, is it worth it?

4. It can get messy if you share friends.

Because you started as friends, you most likely have mutual friends. While this can be a great thing, it also complicates the entire relationship. It may be weird to be around friends since you are now a couple; you may change your dynamic and your friends may have different reactions. This is normal, but the important part is that a relationship is between the two of you; leave the friends out! While your friends are maybe curious about this new development, it’s in both of your best interests to keep as much as you can between private.

5. Over everything, this person remains your friend.

Since the relationship evolved from friendship, it is clear there is a strong bond. You two share a lot and will always have a long history after dating. Even if things get complicated, you have to trust the friendship, because if it’s real, it will last. Your best friend knows the real you, and the connection has been there from the beginning. Your significant other will prioritize your friendship in a way that is different from most relationships.

Ultimately, always remember that your friendship is vital and should be the main priority. Some of the best relationships are the result of two best friends falling in love. If you are wondering if you should start something up with a friend, remember that you are best friends, and this makes every interaction more significant. Communicate, treat them how you would want to be treated, and don’t play games.