Campus Cuties: Caleb Smith and Anthony Palazzo ('18)

Name: Caleb Smith

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Hickory, NC

Major/Minor: Psychology major with a double minor in biology and neuroscience

Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Food: Grilled ham and cheese


Name: Anthony Palazzo

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Bedford, Mass.

Major/Minor: Political science major with a double minor in environmental science and Spanish

Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Food: Pasta and sauce

Double the Campus Cuties means double the fun! Meet this week’s charming duo, Caleb Smith and Anthony Palazzo!

HC (Her Campus): How was break? Excited to be back?

CS (Caleb Smith): It was good, but it’s a big week coming up.

AP (Anthony Palazzo): Same. I visited my friend and just kind of hung around. It was an earlier break than most people’s.

CS: I went on a 30 mile roundtrip hike on the Appalachian trail; it was really peaceful.


HC (to CS): Is hiking one of your passions?

CS: No, but I’d say the outdoors is.

AP: I do like the outdoors, too. Today was awesome.


HC: What are some of your passions and hobbies?

AP: I like sports. I used to play baseball and was on the swim team.

CS: I’m a big movie guy.


HC: Top three favorite movies?

CS: Fury, Footloose, and The Jungle Book – that was my childhood.

AP: Fight Club it’s also my favorite book. Aliens is a good movie. Tarzan was my favorite childhood movie. 


HC (to AP): How would you characterize Caleb?

AP: Wildcard. Just wildcard (laughs) … unpredictable. 


HC: What are you guys involved in on campus?

AP: I’ve worked with El Buen Pastor. It’s a tutoring service 10 minutes from campus where Wake students tutor Latino kids from second grade up until high school. We help them with their homework after school. I’ve volunteered there with [Caleb] and another friend. 


HC: Are you fluent in Spanish?

CS: No, but they’re fluent in English (laughs), which is a good thing. I don’t speak Spanish.

AP: I speak Spanish. I’d love to get more people to go. There were 30 middle school kids in the classroom going wild, and two of us tutoring; they are fun kids.

CS: Yeah, definitely. 


HC: Anything you wish you could be doing?

CS: I’d really like to go skydiving.

AP: I’d go skydiving. 


HC: So, we have to know…are you guys single?

CS: Single.

AP: Single. 


HC: What’s a deal maker or deal breaker in relationships?

AP: Being basic or petty [is a deal breaker].

CS: I’m just a wildcard looking for another wildcard (laughs). 


HC: So, looking towards the end of the semester, are there events you’re looking forward to?

CS: I’m supportive of the community and all involvement in it.

AP: Yeah, there’s the Greek community and a lot of philanthropy events.


HC: Any events in particular?

AP: We danced in Wake ‘N Shake.

CS: Yeah, Footloose style! Saturday Night Fever style (laughs).

AP: And Deacs Vs. Cancer, which is all about raising money to help cancer research. It’s also a symbol of solidarity to shave your head for those who lose their hair going through chemotherapy. So it’s saying we’re doing this with you too, and also helping out [the cause].

CS: Cancer affects everyone. If there are opportunities to help others and the community, those should definitely be taken.

AP: There’s a wide variety of cancers, so it’s important to get money in there to help research. All of these causes are fun [too], so why not? It’s not just [writing] a check; it’s getting involved.


HC: I agree! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

CS: I’m really introverted. It has its ups and downs, but Wake has really helped with that.

AP: That’s kind of one for me too.

CS (to AP): You’re a conspiracy theorist.

AP (to CS): You’re not a political science major…you wouldn’t know (laughs).