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Boyfriend, Hookup and Everything In-Between: How to Relax and Have Fab Valentine’s with Your Guy

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wake Forest chapter.

That quintessential well-known time of year has arrived! As the pink and red decorations fill every grocery store aisle, the chocolate hearts and adorable teddy bears become unavoidable.
With only days to go until Valentine’s Day, every collegiette in a relationship is probably facing that haunting pressure to fill this special day with endless romance and, of course, the perfect gift. Now, girls, please don’t freak out. At this point, the anticipation is so overwhelming that the whole true-love aspect of the holiday has been left far behind. And we all know that’s just not right.  So here’s my advice to every girlfriend out there.

For those ladies with a date, take a deep breath, and remember that it’s who is sitting across from you at dinner that matters, not where you are or what dress you’re wearing.  Yes, you should probably put some extra work into your outfit and makeup for this night, but if your eyeliner isn’t perfectly straight or your dress isn’t the exact right fit, I promise that life will go on.

Now I agree that Valentine’s Day should be a little more memorable than your typical trip to the Pit, so make a reservation at your favorite restaurant (or ask your guy to), and enjoy a relaxing night off from the stress of college. Even if all your boyfriend can afford on his college budget is Applebee’s, the time dedicated to celebrating your relationship for this one night makes up for the absence of some five-star restaurant. And when dinner is finished, get away from the crowds of couples and go back to curl up with some candy hearts and a movie—or for those more serious couples, travel back to places where your first memories were made. (Think along the lines of the location of your first date and first kiss.) Essentially, just set aside time for the two of you. The stressful atmosphere of Valentine’s Day can corrupt the holiday enough and strip it of any genuine meaning. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the commercialized Hallmark holiday. Remember what you’re really celebrating, and you’ll be just fine.

Now I know what you’re thinking: what about the gifts? The chocolate hearts, the jewelry, the teddy bears? A thoughtful present is definitely an important part of the holiday, but please remember that whatever is in that wrapped bag or box waiting for you across the table offers no connection to how much he truly cares. So as you go through pages and pages of gift ideas on every website, stop and just think of something more personal that fits the unique characteristics of that boy you adore. Something simple like his favorite candy paired with his favorite movie or even a sports jersey for his favorite team shows careful thought.  The most important part of gift-buying is remembering that stressing each other out by over-planning and overthinking will take the whole meaning out of it.
Ladies, Valentine’s Day isn’t about the gifts; it’s about taking a break from that busy schedule to spend time together and remind each other why you like that guy across the table from you. So take this night to celebrate each other, stress-free!
*Photography by Lauren Martinez

Jackie Swoyer is a rising senior at Wake Forest University majoring in Business and Enterprise Management, concentrating in Marketing and minoring in Economics. While her collegiate years have been spent in the Carolinas, this aspiring marketer currently calls Cincinnati, Ohio home...although she has spent years moving all over the country and beyond (including a five year period in Europe!). She is currently prepping for a summer internship in the Frito Lay Marketing Division in Plano, Texas, a new stop on her geographical repertoire. An avid reader of all things Her Campus, Jackie also loves to write, listen to Pandora, practice her cooking skills, and find live music anywhere she can.
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