Bliss Product Review

Thanks to Her Campus’ partnership with the fresh and hydrating skin care brand, Bliss, we were able to try out two of their products, the “Lemon and Sage Body Butter” and “Drench and Quench” moisturizer.

I love the blue and yellow aesthetics of both of the labels, and the versatility of these products allow me to use them in addition to my regular skin care routine. I have very sensitive skin and I am therefore very picky about which products I use. While I was hesitant to try this new brand because of my love for the mostizers that I already use, both products are very light on the skin and leave me feeling refreshed.

I especially love “Drench and Quench” because it has a very light lavender smell and is easy to apply. The “Lemon and Sage Body Butter” is a great way to recover and soften your skin, especially after spending a long day of studying, exercising or spending time in the heat and humidity. 

Check out their website to learn more about the company and explore their wide range of products: