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The Bittersweet Truth of Modeling

Tilt your head to the right, then stop; tilt your head to the left, then smile; put your hand on one side of your hips, find your light, then pose; gently move one hand closer to your shoulder, lean a bit forward for a better lighting, then stop for a shoot; slowly move one leg in front of the other, and tilt your head on one side and smile; move your head 30 degrees to the left, and then stop and look slightly off the camera lenses; find your center and lean toward the camera, and lift your shoulder higher to display your collar bones; look straight into the camera lenses and pouch your lips; don’t think too much – just relax and don’t overdo it like a gold digger you dare to become; this is how to pose for a photoshoot; this is how to find your angle for a “perfect” shoot; this is how to change poses within each take, be steady, and don’t rush it; it is the moneymaking photo that counts not your comfort; this is how to remove your make-up properly; this is how to maintain a healthy skin, wearing a facial mask once a week helps; this is how to retain a smooth skin, applying lotion works; this is how to follow a healthy schedule: have yogurt in the mornings, vegetables and meat in the afternoons, fruits in the evenings; healthy is sexy; it is socially undesirable when not in shape; remember models are not wrong, they are useful; you influence others on self-esteem and perception on body image; you shape the world, don’t let the world shape you; modeling is like any career – so don’t be ignorant or make unwise choices; at the end of the day, personality wins over a pretty face; you are not perfect, no matter how hard your model agent strives you to be, we all have insecurities; but I know I am not perfect, I embrace my insecurities and stay true to myself; this is how to walk on runway in a 6 inch heel, walk to the beat of the music and not lose your balance; this is how to walk with no shoes on; this is how to walk with confidence – don’t hesitate to or else you will fall; this is how to behave when the designer is directing you to walk; this is how to behave when you don’t like the designer at all, and this is how to behave when you do; this is how to be responsible for booking a job; this is how to retouch your make-up correctly, this is how to smile when you greet someone like a lady and not like the gold digger you desire others to think of you; this is how to keep a strong, confident posture – both sitting and walking; this is how to sit: don’t slouch or expose too much; this is how to be elegant, and this is how to be classy; and this way they won’t recognize the gold digger I have oppose you becoming; but what if I am told to be so?; you mean to say that you really are going to be the kind of woman who won’t be on the cover of magazines?

Jacquelyn Hsiao

Wake Forest '20

Jacquelyn is a senior majoring in Economics with an Entrepreneurship minor. Jacquelyn is the President and Co-Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Wake Forest Chapter for two consecutive years. During her free time, she loves to design chic graphics, create trendy polyvore boards and work on other fashion projects. 
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