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Beauty Blog: How to Maintain Glowing Skin During the Stress of Finals


Stress is inevitable during finals week, and unfortunately it can wreak havoc on our complexions. Dull, colorless skin and, of course, the unfortunate appearance of the zits we thought we got rid of in middle school are the last things we need during finals. To combat the effect of stress on skin, follow these simple helpful hints:

  1. Put down that coffee and grab water

Caffeine is great in moderation, but it must be had alongside plenty of water. Dehydration causes dull, dry and skin and gets rid of that spring break glow we’ve been trying to keep up. Instead of downing tons of coffee, try iced green tea, which is full of antioxidants, and always drink plenty of water.

  1. Hands off

When we’re nervous, sometimes picking our skin becomes a horrible habit. Unfortunately, this is the worst thing for our skin. No scratching, no popping, no touching. Instead keep a stress ball or something else to keep your hands busy while you’re cramming for your next exam.


  1. Sleep


Not only will sleep boost your IQ, but it will give your skin the time to fight off the effects of stress. After a long day, my favorite thing to do is to do a 10 minute deep cleansing facial (such a peat mask found in drugstores), then lather on a ton of moisturizer, pop some melatonin, and get a full 8-9 hours. While this may seem impossible to fit in your schedule, try choosing one night to catch up on sleep and planning your work around your detox time.

So while finals are stressing you out, don’t let your skin become an additional stressor. Overall, take care of your health and take time to relax to keep that radiant skin throughout the long hours in the library. 


*Article by Sarah Chin

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