Beauty Blog: How to Beat the Heat

Spring is a magical time: the weather is warming up, school is letting out, and the dreaded sweat begins to drip. Here in North Carolina, the mixture of heat and humidity can be excruciating. One day it’s 40 degrees, and the next it’s 81 and sunny. Here are my three pro tips for beating the heat while looking like you just walked out of a well air-conditioned store. 

Blotting Sheets

Since coming down South for school, I have taken to using copious amounts of blotting sheets. It allows you to swipe away all of the oil on your face while not completely destroying your makeup. Buy them. Use them. Love them. 


Evian Mineral Water Spray


It sounds crazy, I know. But trust me – Evian Mineral Water Spray is an amazing refresher on a hot day. It is a great way to wake you up and give you a natural, dewy look, all while keeping your makeup fresh.


Makeup Setting Spray

This nifty little creation will stop your makeup from sliding off your face – which is all you really want,  right? Apply the spray directly after applying makeup, and you will look good as new all day (or night) long. Try MAC's Prep + Prime Fix+ for a strong-holding yet lightweight mist.


*Cover image from The Fans Been Hit