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Beauty Blog: 3 Ways to Look Class-Ready in Under a Minute

It’s that time of the semester: the excitement of the beginning of the year has worn off and you know longer jump out of bed an hour early, ready to put on your best face for the day. Each morning your eyelids feel just a bit heavier, your bed just a bit comfier, and that alarm sounds just a bit louder.

 But just because you feel exhausted on the inside does not mean it has to show on the outside. In fact, with just a few of these minor additions to your routine, you may even feel awake and ready to take on the day.


 1. Red Lipstick

There is no need for a full face of make-up for that 8 AM. Everyone there knows that what you look like then is not a true representation of your best self, but a swipe of red lipstick can’t hurt. Take a page out of Taylor Swift’s book and throw on a pop of red color, even if the rest of your face is bare. It’ll make you look as fierce and confident as ever!


2. Pearls

Add a touch of Jackie Kennedy shine to your look with a set of simple pearl earrings. It’s a small effort that can be done the night before, and it gives even the most rushed outfit a bit of polish.            


3. Mascara

Just one swipe can make your eyes pop so that you appear awake and ready to learn. Plus, mascara draws attention away from the puffy bags of all-nighters’ past while tying the whole look together.


Getting ready for the day does not have to be the drawn out, mayhem-filled routine that some may make it out to be. With just a few simple touches, you can look put together and be out the door in a matter of minutes, while maybe even managing to grab a few more precious moments of sleep before the alarm. 

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