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Ask Ayla: Drinking and Texting, the Inevitable Sin


We’ve All Been There

It’s the weekend – you’re out with your friends, you’ve taken a few shots, and you’re feeling like the world is at your feet. There’s only one problem – the more liquid courage you acquire, your rational thoughts and judgments seem to become scarcer. Now, normally when you’re sober and coherent, you know the difference between the kind of people who are good for you and the kind of people who are not: i.e. guys you should stay away from at all times because they’re nothing but trouble. These are the guys who don’t exactly bring out the best in you and, in the end, only make you regret being around them in the first place. Unfortunately, these are also the guys who seem to occupy your thoughts when you’re a few shots deep.

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At this point, your inhibitions are lowered and your hormones are high… and so, you do it. You build up some “confidence,” take out your phone, and text him, hoping that you’re not going to cringe in humiliation the next morning when you read the texts…but let’s be real, you probably will.

The Downfall

At the time, your decision seems logical and necessary. I mean let’s face it, that last drink has more power over you than your fading sense of pride does, making that drunk text essentially inevitable. It doesn’t matter what your friends say or if they try to physically stop you; you have your mind made up, and no one is going to stand in the way of you and your drunken hormones – even if it means a blow to your dignity in the morning. Like the fatal catalyst that it is, that one drunk text starts off your journey down a path that your sober self would have yelled at you for even considering if that were possible in alternate universe.

                                                                                                 *Image from EliteDaily.com

The Aftermath

In my opinion, the biggest problem with drunk texting is that when you’re at the point where you’re drunk enough to text this person, you’re also simultaneously at the point where you may lose control of any and all of your social filter. By the next morning the deed is done, your head feels like someone knocked you against a brick wall, and your phone is officially public enemy number one.

If we attempt to see a silver lining, the one good thing about drunk texts is that they usually provide a good laugh for your and your friends…that is, before the humiliation has time to fully set in. After that point, you deny everything, delete the “bad” person’s number, and remind yourself why you should never go down that road AGAIN. Always keep this golden rule in mind: if a guy isn’t good for you to be around sober, then he sure as hell isn’t good for you to be around drunk. The end.


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