All the Shows Returning At Once

All The Shows Returning at Once


So I have concluded that the entertainment is simply out to destroy me.  The amount of shows that come back and movies that come out in the next 2 months are going to cause my body to go into shock.  


Let’s start with the thing that I want but also don’t want which is the final season of Game of Thrones.  Final Season begins April 14 (HBO)

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I just cannot deal with a world in which this show is over.  What will that look like? Will the world just end the second we know what happens with the White Walkers and the Iron Throne?  Who will live and die? Does the Iron Throne even matter (probably not) but still… Is Daenerys pregnant (I mean again yes of course) but I have so many questions and 8 episodes is not enough to answer them.  


Avengers Endgame - April 26

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I just know that this movie will actually cause me to go into a deep depression.  I can tell you now that I won’t be able to speak to anyone after this movie comes out.  I’m just going to schedule my breakdown into my calendar now. I just…. I mean… I’m not ready for what’s coming I’m pretty sure my theories are right and I know who is going to die but it still is going to hurt so badly and I really need Marvel to start paying for my therapy bills.  


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2 -April 5 (Netflix)

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Somehow I feel like I just watched this show, but it came out in October which was so long ago.  This just proves that time makes literally no sense when you’re miserably doing homework and just trying to survive until Friday every single week.  But this one of the shows I’m excited for because it seems to be doing everything that Riverdale has failed to do for me. The show is dark but not too dark and it is definitely mystical and supernatural but it established that from the beginning and not randomly in the middle of the 3rd season and also gives me actual characters and a real love triangle that I am so ready for.  I will stop there because I could rant for hours about how much potential Riverdale threw away.


Jane the Virgin Final Season - March 27 (CW)

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I am so sad this show is ending.  This show is the perfect balance, it has humor, romance, drama and a strong female lead.  That cliffhanger of the last season I’m upset and I need answers SPOILERS (I mean I don’t believe it’s actual Michael) I really want her to end up with Rafael so we shall see.  But I know that this show will make me cry because it always finds a way when I’m not expecting it.


 On My Block Season 2- March 29 (Netflix)

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This is a Netflix original that I absolutely love with my entire soul.  Everyone needs to go watch it it will make you laugh and cry and just have an enjoyable time.  I’m already worried for the pain they are about to put me through but I am excited about it.


The 100 Season 6 - April 30 (CW)

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This show in my opinion is so underrated.  I absolutely love this show, I mean it has its faults but so does every other show on the CW (looking at you again Riverdale).  But the CW really tries and I think that this is their best show that they pay the least amount of attention too so this is me doing their job and promoting it.  It’s a complicated story basically about teenagers after the end of the world and I’m still waiting for things to go right just once but I guess that doesn’t make for good television.  

Well, here is my list of some of my most anticipated returns to the entertainment world.  I am excited about all but particularly terrified for a few. I know that most probably will not end happily and to quote Ramsey from Game of Thrones, “If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention” so I’m definitely ready for some intense pain and crying but I bring it upon myself so I’m ready.