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Advice Blog: Dos And Don’ts of the Last Days

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wake Forest chapter.

T-Minus 1 week until the end of Finals and the start of the Summer vacation we have all been patiently waiting for…

I am here to ensure that you maintain focus and have a little end of year fun in these last days, so read on!

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Do plan more group study dates. Nobody likes to study alone for long periods of time so why not grab your best Wake friends (who you may not get to see this summer). Talk, catch up, and make the most of your time together before you must part ways, while preparing for your exams too.

Don’t go into these last few days at Wake with the “Go Big or Go Home” mentality. Instead, prioritize. Look at your planner and schedule your study nights and exam days accordingly, ahead of time. This will help you stay in control and be on top of your upcoming finals.

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Do pack a little each day. Start throwing away old papers you don’t need and begin packing up your desk drawers because no one wants to be stuck at Wake cleaning their room a day after everyone has already left for home or posties. I want my fellow Collegiettes to be able to welcome summer with open arms, so do what you can now so packing up won’t be such a hassle come the end of finals week! It can also be a good stress reliever too!

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Don’t nap your last days away – especially you junior and senior Collegiettes. Soak up every last bit of Wake you can. 

Let’s remember how precious our time here at Wake and truly rock this last week, academically and socially! Good luck and have a blast, collegiettes!

Go Deacs! :)
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Cassie Brown

Wake Forest

Editorial Campus Correspondent. Former Section Editor for Campus Cutie. Writer for Her Campus Wake Forest. English major with a double minor in Journalism and Communication. Expected graduation in May 2014.