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The 7 Stages of Traveling Home for Thanksgiving

1. Sitting through your last class of the day

It seems as if your 50 minute class has been dragging on for at least two hours… has it really only been 20 minutes? Will my professor ever stop lecturing? At some point, you stop taking notes because you’re dreaming of the penne a la vodka you’ll be devouring tonight from your favorite Italian restaurant.

2. Saying goodbye to your roommate and friends

FINALLY, your last class is over and you’re free! Five whole days of Thanksgiving break? Five whole days to do nothing but watch reality TV and chill out? Um, yes please! You run back to your dorm to pack up and grab your things, but not without a slightly sad goodbye to your roommate and friends down the hall! You give them all huge hugs and make them promise to text in the group chat everything that happens over your break.

3. The awkward carpool to the airport

If you’ve either booked a car through Wake Forest to take you to the airport, or figured out how to share a ride with a couple random people from your grade’s Facebook group, or are cramming in the car of some girl from your history class, you know the drill. You try to make small talk with the other people you don’t know in the car, asking them what dorm they’re in, where they from, etc, but after a few minutes you’re just sitting in painfully awkward silence. Or not, because your driver is chatting you up about the election. Either one is part of the experience.

4. The stress of checking in

Finally out of the car, you begin to panic in the airport. Where’s my ticket? Did I forget my ID in my dorm? What time does my flight leave? Am I going to make it? You eventually make it through security and find your gate but not without grabbing a trashy magazine from the only store in the Greensboro airport.

5. The actual flight

Now for the worst part… the actual flight. After you’ve miraculously crammed your huge duffel into the overhead bin while inconveniencing basically the whole plane, you find your seat. The kid next to you who goes to Elon won’t stop talking to you, but you finally put your headphones in and “pretend to do homework.” You’re sitting in anticipation, thinking about all the funny stories you have from Wake to tell your friends and family while simultaneously thinking about all the Real Housewives episodes you need to catch up on.  I live in New York City, so my flight home is slightly too short to sleep, but too long to do anything else. The worst.

6. The drive home

You basically run off the plane and find your parents (or an Uber) who are there to pick you up. You ramble excitedly the entire car ride home (even if it’s to your Uber driver named Archie) about school, your classes, and everything under the sun.


You pull up to your house, and you’re FINALLY HOME! You practically jump onto your own, comfy bed (or go straight to the kitchen to get a snack) and text everyone you know that you’re home. You have your favorite meal, catch up with your parents, cuddle with your dog. You’re so happy to be home and can’t wait for an awesome and well-deserved Thanksgiving break with your friends and family! 


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Hi! I'm Jane! Born and raised in New York City, I'm a city girl who is now attempting to be Southern by studying here at Wake Forest University. I'm a freshman who is planning on majoring in communications and journalism. I love to write (especially blogging, duh) and am so excited to be writing for Freshman Problems this school year! When I'm not writing or experiencing my own freshman probs, I can be found watching The Real Housewives of New York City, drinking an iced mocha from Starbucks, and pretending that the spinning bike in the gym is actually a SoulCycle class.
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