5 Ways to Get Excited About Fall


1.Decorate your dorm for Halloween.

Find something small, like a “Happy Halloween” sign to put on your door or some paper bats on your walls, to bring a little of the Halloween spirit into your dorm room. Browse Pinterest for ideas on decorating to make your room remind you that Halloween is coming!


2. Go to a pumpkin patch.

There’s bound to be a pumpkin patch somewhere close to your campus, so take some friends on an outing to go get pumpkins. Even if you end up just taking some Instagram pictures and picking out one pumpkin to collectively carve, it is still a successful fall time activity that will definitely remind you of being a kid!


3.Eat/Drink some pumpkin spice.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that during October and November, every bakery,coffee shop, and grocery store is stuffed with pumpkin spice treats. Try something new or go back to an old favorite (Starbucks pumpkin spice latte) to bring the Autumn-spirit to your taste buds.


4. Shop for sweaters.

Although I will miss the summertime ease of being able to just throw on a t-shirt and shorts, I also love sweaters. Either break out your coziest sweaters from deep in your drawers or hit the mall for new ones. One of the best parts of fall is experimenting with the different trends and finding the cuddliest sweaters to warm up in as the seasons change.


5. Go on a nature trail. 

Finally, get some friends or family to go to a nature trail with you. There is nothing better than crisp fall weather and the beautifully changing leaves. Find a nearby trail, break out your boots and flannels, and explore the outdoors before all the leaves are down!